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Darkmoon Faire is Here!
Nov 10, 07 9:10 PM
Welcome to the new Deaths Angels website!

I ended up making this site due to the other guild website not allowing me to do anything with the pictures hopefully this will be a little more manageable and we should be able to get the domain name to work shortly ;)

Just so that everyone knows, the email address when becoming a member of the site allows you to send me mail strait through the site.  It also allows you to view the guild pictures in a bigger form and to post forums, etc.  Also, if you are to become a member of the guild site and then leave the guild, I can block your access, so that way the guild website officially belongs to ONLY Deaths Angels ;)

Oh and NEVER forget...FOR THE HORDE!

Dont forget to check out the new expansion:,

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Darkmoon Faire is Here!

539297947_Inactive, Nov 10, 07 9:10 PM.
Check out information about the Darkmoon Faire Cards in the information section of the guild site to learn more about each deck and what epic items they turn into.
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