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Air's Arena Teams
Nov 5, 07 2:29 PM
Make your character for guildportal
Nov 5, 07 2:26 PM
Please Sign up
Nov 5, 07 1:17 PM

Welcome to Our Arena Website

This website will be used to inform members of 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 teams, of the dates and times that we will be doing that weeks matches.  You may be a member of only one, or of all three, it doesnt matter, however this site is specifically for the 5v5 team Specd to Kill, because we will be getting in more than just 5 people on that team and i do not want anyone to miss out, or make the team miss out because you were not there.  Just sign up for the arena, comment if you cannot be there, etc.  If you are confused about how it works, well, its just like a guild website as far as signing up and shit goes...

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539298960_Inactive, Nov 5, 07 2:29 PM.
If you can, it would be very helpful if i could get all of your emails, this is not necessary and i completely understand if you would prefer not to, but again, for some reason i may need to contact you and if i had your email that would be the easiest way. Thanks!

Make your character for guildportal

539298960_Inactive, Nov 5, 07 2:26 PM.
If you dont have one already, make a character for the website so that you can sign up for the events, do this by applying to guild (even though this isnt a guild, just do it)

Please Sign up

539298960_Inactive, Nov 5, 07 1:17 PM.
Please sign up when you can for the events that apply to you, if you cannot be there leave a comment and dont sign up for it.  If you are not sure if u will make it, sign up, and leave a comment that you may not be there.
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