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Welcome to Five of Five Improved QQ

Formed by the former members of Shattered Legacy and their friends, FFIQQ is a raiding guild with an interest in Arena/PVP. The goal of this guild is to give its players a positive and productive playing atmosphere. Where officers will discuss a majority of officer issues in the presence of it's membership, not behind closed doors. I've learned that the newest member of a guild is just as valuable as the oldest and that equal respect should be given to all. Outside of the drama that started this guild, you will find no inter-guild drama with FFIQQ. It just won't be here as there's no room for it. Have fun and see you in game :)


Other Guild News

New Site

539307097_Inactive, Nov 19, 07 9:02 AM.

Abandon Ship!!!

539307097_Inactive, Nov 18, 07 1:46 PM.
This site will be going down soon. It is no longer used for any guild functions. You will all know the new site's URL within a day or two.

Lynx Boss Down

539307097_Inactive, Nov 15, 07 9:44 PM.
Healer spell dmg FTW

No alternate text supplied.


539307097_Inactive, Nov 14, 07 9:08 PM.
Grats on the Horde first guys!

No alternate text supplied.

Nalorakk Down!

539307097_Inactive, Nov 13, 07 9:57 PM.
Grats to both groups!

Group 1
No alternate text supplied.

Group 2
No alternate text supplied.

Guild Policy Outlined

539307097_Inactive, Nov 12, 07 2:10 PM.
Check the link on the bar below the site's banner or click this link here.

Nightbane Down, Karazhan Clear.

539307097_Inactive, Nov 11, 07 8:39 PM.
Excellent teamwork guys.

No alternate text supplied.

Karazhan Poll

539307097_Inactive, Nov 11, 07 12:00 PM.
Trying to see how much interest the guild has in running Kara weekly. Any input would be great. Currently it's not planned but can be if there is enough interest. Cast your vote after clicking the "Voting" tab up top.

First Boss Kill: High Priest Arlokk

539307097_Inactive, Nov 10, 07 10:12 AM.
We were bored, shut up.
No alternate text supplied.
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