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Guild Structure & Policy

  • Respect. Every member will treat their fellow members with respect. Take it one step further and respect everyone you encounter. What one person does can reflect on all of us. No one's asking you to be Jesus tho.
  • Maturity. Bring the highest level of maturity into Ventrilo and guild chat that you can.
  • Patience. We have a lot of fresh 70s here. A lot of guys that have done little else but PVP for the last few months. Let's be patient with them. They're going to be helping us fill our 25 mans. Take the time to run the content you're sick of for their sake. We have very little else to do at this point.Simultaneously, our fresh 70s and lesser geared players must be patient with us and understand that we want to learn content in an efficient manner and this means you may not make progression runs early on.
  • Appreciation. No one has to run anything for you, do anything for you. When they take the time out of their day to help you with something, show them you appreciate it by not taking more of their time than you have to.
  • Time. Outside of the social, time is the one real life factor that will get swallowed up by WoW.  Show a high level of respect, maturity, patience and appreciation and this won't be a problem for you.


  • Five of Five Improved QQ is not just a raiding guild but home to anyone that wants to join us. They're just as important as the GM IMO. If a player finds more enjoyment from PVP and doesn't care for the structure of raiding, we won't force it on them or treat them as second class. Same goes for the casual players that simply want to log in for an hour or two every couple of days and have a quick interactive experience. There's room for everybody here.
  • Everyone is a Member except the officers, myself, and the alts of members. We also have Trials but after that period is up, you're pretty much maxed unless an officer position becomes available.
  • There is no officer channel in Vent. There never will be. I personally will discuss most guild related issues in whatever channel I happen to be in. Nothing is private. I may not talk about officer issues with you, but I will not shy from talking about them in your presence. I do this in a hope to build trust and promote a circuit of feedback that starts at me, makes its way to you, and comes back to me. Noone's ideas will go unheard, but they might not always be agreed upon. On that same note, telling me a bad idea 100 times doesn't make it any better than it was the first. I will normally let you know.
  • Attitude: Every single aspect of the Attitude section applies here. The difference between a quick successful run and a wipefest is YOU. While we're not at work and certainly don't want to act like it, we don't want to take 15 minutes recovering from a wipe because we were telling jokes. Keep Vent open during encounters so players can alert the rest of the raid to things they may need to know as it pertains to the encounter. When I'm at 20% health, the quality of chicken at your local chinese restaurant doesn't concern me.
  • Preparation: Have what you need. Flasks, elixirs, food, bandages, whatever you need, then use them.
  • You will have a raid leader. Follow his/her/their individual rule set and guidelines.  They are there to maintain a smooth and efficient run.
  • Bring your A game every time. If you're not there to accomplish anything in a timely manner, it's going to show and will reflect future raid invites. Nothing will decrease your chances of attending a future raid more than wasting people's time.
  • Loot: Loot will be rolled on for the foreseeable future. BT/Hyjal may bring about some sort of points based system, be it DKP or attendance based. It is not decided at this point. The reason for not having DKP immediately is the skewed system it would create. Many of our members have an extensive amount of loot from SSC/TK while others have none. The haves will stack DKP at the have nots expense, and that's just not cool. There will be no priority given on loot. If you want to increase your chances to win loot, be there when it drops.
  • Loot Management: All in all it may take up to three individuals to divvy up loot. One player will be Master Looter. This person will most likely be the officer leading the raid you are in. Another will be assigned to shard items that don't get rolled on. In the future a third separate person will tally points earned. One person WILL NOT AND CANNOT have more than one of these roles.
  • Attendance: Those selected to attend raids will need to be there at the zone in time unless they have otherwise specified that they will be late and received officer approval. In extreme cases players will be replaced immediately if not present.
  • Selection: In the early going as the officers get more familiar with our new players and our old players' abilities in their new roles there will be a lot of trial and error. We need to know who can do what to know what holes need to be filled not only in the raid, but the guild roster itself.
  • Class Balance: Regardless of sign-up numbers, a class/role balance must be preserved. For ten mans that balance will be two tanks, 2 melee dps, 3 ranged dps, 3 healers. There will be situations where that is not ideal and we will make changes based on the encounters.
  • Rotation: Once an encounter has been learned we will begin rotating in players of the same role/class/ability level to make sure everyone gets a look at the new content and the opportunity to better their character. No one that shows initiative will be left behind, we just ask you to be patient.
  • AFK: This is where I have to play Drill Instructor. In my experience, which is over two years at this point, AFK is a plague. Once one person catches it, another will catch it 2 minutes later, then another one will 2 minutes after him. Break time will be given after the raid has been in the instance a certain amount of time that is at the Raid Leader's discretion.
  • COMMAND STRUCTURE: At the top you will find me, Ticklefist, your GM. I handle raid scheduling, roster make-up, PR, and stress. You can come to me with any concerns you have. We also have Role Leads. The four defined roles are Physical DPS, Caster DPS, Tanking, Healing. Each role does or will have a lead in the near future. Know your role lead as he's your direct contact with any concerns you may have. It is this person's job to oversee your development as a player. Having someone do so enables us to place you in the right raids/situations for you. These ppl were selected for these positions because they are very smart about their role in the game and are more than capable of sharing their knowledge in a productive manner.
  • Physical DPS consists of Arms or Fury Warriors, Enhancement Shaman, Rogues, Kitty Cat Oriented Feral Druids, Retribution Paladins, and Hunters of all specs.
  • Caster DPS includes all Mages, Warlocks, Shadow Priests, Moonkin Druids, and Elemental Shaman.
  • Tanking consists of Bearcow Feral Druids, Protection Warriors, and Protection Paladins.
  • Healing consists of Resto Shaman, Holy and/or Discipline Priests, Holy Paladins, and Resto Druids.
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