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This is a group of guilds banded together to supply support, allow them to be self governed, and galactic privileges. 

Section 1: Qualifications of Guild Membership

1. Guild must be a support guild. This means guilds are here to help the whole not just for themselves.
2. Have enough members to remain an active guild. This means that this guild must be large enough to maintain attendance to events.
3. Must not be a sub-guild of another larger guild. This helps eliminate strong arming and every guild to stay equal.
4. Be able to provide a source of credits to the Commonwealth events and items. Such as base bust and group events.
5. Any Commonwealth guild can sponsor another guild for membership in the Commonwealth.

Section 2: Rights of membership

1. Each guild has the right to govern its own self. No guild has the right to tell the other guild or guilds in the commonwealth how they are to run their guilds out side the membership guide lines. This is to prevent a smaller guilds from being bullied by a larger guild.
2. Each guild has equal say in the Commonwealth. This means each guild is allowed to have 2 council members to attend all council meetings. (see council member qualifications and rights)
3. Members of the Commonwealth will not interfere with Or provide information about opposite faction events.
Example: Rebel faction have a base bust. No imperial guild member will interrupt or provide information about it to other guilds.

Current members

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check out updates for findings in the commonwealth in the forums at

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

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This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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