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Schedule for Nemsis
Monday - Limbus / Sea
Tuesday - Dynamis 8 pm est
Wednesday - Free
Thursday - Sky 8 pm est
Friday - Limbus / Sea
Saturday - Dynamis 7 pm est
Sunday - Sky 4-9 pm est

There are no upcoming events.

Welcome To Nemesis:
Your New Home!!!

       Nemesis ~ One who takes vengeance, in the act of retribution.  This word defines our expectations as a Linkshell.  In search of vengeance, we plan to annihilate everything that stands between us and our ultimate goal : End Game. For those who have been made to suffer; follow us, and find your destiny among our newborn family.

    The strength of our linkshell will not be in quantity as we begin this epic journey. Quality will have to be our weapons.  We will be Starting with Dynamis, and as we grow, we'll find new challenges in other area's: Missions, Sky, Sea, Assaults, Salvage, Einherjar, Bcnm's, Nm's, Hnm's, ect.  We cannot move into the future until we settle our past.  If you are interested, leave a message with me.  Thank you and welcome to the family!!




New Website

Darkchildx, Sep 10, 08 10:07 PM.
Nemesis has a new website and is slowly transfering everything over to the other site.  This one will be closed mid october.  Click on the Nemesis name below to get warped over to the new page.

Nemesis Linkshell


Darkchildx, Jun 26, 08 1:26 PM.
Hey Guys:

For new people joining Nemesis, i need 2 things.  1.  Sign up to guildportal and Nemesis.  You can do this by clicking the ---> Join Nemesis <--- found at the very top of this page.  Answer a few questions, and in about 24 hours, you should have access to the whole page.  2.  Under Fourms, i need you to complete that app as well.  So others can veiw it make comments.

For everyone else.  Please sign up on the Linkshell Comminity.  You can find a link to the left of this page under Links.  We wanna be able to see everyone job, mission, craft, any info that we might need to help you and Nemesis along the way.

Thank you
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