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The Cobra
How to use the guild bank!
Nov 22, 07 11:17 PM
Class officers needed
Nov 13, 07 12:20 PM
Web Site Live on GuildPortal!
Nov 13, 07 9:49 AM
Welcome to the new Cobra Guild Home Page

Hi All,

Welcome to the new Cobra Guild Page.

Goal at the moment is to get enough lvl 70s that we can start getting attuned and get fat loot from Kara!
To help with that some of our higher levels will do boost runs at least once a month.  Check out the Event area for more detalis.

The guild is currently recruiting all levels above 19 and anyone can invite. 

Make sure to check out the armoury for character details, plus you can see whats in the guild bank.

Check out the forum section and tell us a bit about yourself.

Any comments, issues or suggestions, pst AID, Doufuk or GT in game or leave a message on the forum.

For the Horde!
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How to use the guild bank!

539316009_Inactive, Nov 22, 07 11:17 PM.
All items in the guild bank can be seen on the armoury web site.
The view the items in the bank, click on this link.  This will take you to our guild page on the official WOW Armory site.  Then click on the Guild bank tab.  You will need to enter your WOW User ID and Password and then you will see the contents of the guild bank.

What to do if you see something you like?
Simple, just pst one of the guild officers in game (Aid, Doufuk, GT or Oom).
You need to have donated an item of similar value to be able to get something out of the bank...(e.g. a green item of similar level to get a greenie etc), so keep those donations rolling in so as we can all benifit!

P.S. you can also see who has donated which items from the same site :)

Class officers needed

539316009_Inactive, Nov 13, 07 12:20 PM.
As we get closer to raiding we need to start getting a class officer for each class.  Class officers sort out any issues, questions and help members within their class.  Class officers also get to decide which members from their class will go on the raids.  How to become a class officer... Head to the forum section and under the Class Officer thread just leave your name (or the name of the person you would like to be a class officer).  Class officers must be lvl 60+ and be on-line at least three times per week.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

539316009_Inactive, Nov 13, 07 9:49 AM.
Watch the news section to keep up to date on things of interest!
More info on the guild bank coming soon
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