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Edge 2.0
Oct 9, 09 6:06 PM
Spring Cleaning
Aug 11, 09 12:36 PM
New updates
Jun 6, 09 2:16 PM
Odd n Ends 4.05.09 (I think)
Apr 5, 09 11:30 AM
TeamSpeak Update:
Feb 21, 09 3:37 PM
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Welcome to EDGE-- a LOTRO kinship on Landroval!

Edge is among the oldest kinships on the Landroval server, having been founded before LOTRO was released to the public in April 2007.

A lot has changed since Edge's inception.  We are a casual kinship with a very relaxed play style. Our members are just as comfortable running through the darkest depths of Moria as settling down for a couple of ales in the Prancing Pony. Many are very active, coming online daily, so there will almost never be a time when people log in to an empty Kinship channel.

Being an old kinship, we have a lot of very experienced players who are happy to assist those who need help, whether it be for Book quests or for crafted items. We also have all the benefits of a "Lifespan Rank 10" Kinship, including a guild house and kinship auctions.

All character levels are welcome, as are those new to MMORPGs. We are always looking for mature, adult players who enjoy being social as much as pounding the tar out of trolls.

It's only a game.  ...but we always have fun with it. Otherwise, what's the point?

Our motto is "real life comes first" and we stand very strongly by that. We know (or at least hope) there is a life outside the game so nothing is ever considered mandatory. Our play style is casual, RP is definitely welcome (though not necessary).

Edge has ALL the amenities of an established kinship that's been around since beta, including house, mail, active high-level players, GMs, comeraderie, and pipeweed and ale in abundance! 

We are currently on the lookout for mature active members interested in enjoying the game at their own pace, while being a part of a community that helps each other out. We are a fairly large and growing kinship. We are generous, helpful, fun, active players; we ask that you be the same. Enjoy browsing our site. If you think you'd like to join our group in battle, please see the recruitment thread on the forums.

Edge 2.0

Elspanyl, Oct 9, 09 6:06 PM.
The is a reboot of the current Edge Kinship structure.  I have been wiping out accounts, old forum posts, etc. for some time now.  Due to the more- RP approach the kinship has taken, I thought it would be nice to be able to get back into using the website more often.  If you find that all of the sudden you no longer have access to member stuff, just shoot me an in-game mail and I'll be more than happy to put you back on.  I suck at names so don't take it personal.

Spring Cleaning

Elspanyl, Aug 11, 09 12:36 PM.
Yeah, it's the summer but so what?  There have been some seriously old forum posts that simply had to go.  Thanks to all that regularly check this site and keep the house afloat rent-wise.  We're not dead yet!

New updates

Elspanyl, Jun 6, 09 2:16 PM.
Spanyell is back in the leadership role and there are couple of slots for officers open.  Let me know if you have any interest.

A kinship meeting will be posted very shortly.  Keep an eye out!  All will be EXPECTED to attend.

I also took away the Frodo song.  Hopefully you folks that check this out at work don't have to hurry through this page.  If you all want it back, let me know.

And one final thing: I can tell who visits this site and who doesn't.  All Edge membes are EXPECTED to be checking this on a regular basis.

Odd n Ends 4.05.09 (I think)

skyesong, Apr 5, 09 11:30 AM.
Just a few reminders/announcements:

1) Post your availability for Radiance Gear/Rift Gear Runs on the forums. We are also looking for volunteers to lead.

2) Edge is actively seeking Loremasters lvl 50+.

3) Officer Meeting 4.05.09 around 9p EST. More info on Officer Forum.

4)Kinship Meeting 4.13.09 9p EST. More info on calendar.

5)If you have alts in Edge, put your main toon's name in the Player Note so we know who you are.

6) Don't forget we have kinship AH (and kinhouse, tho idk how you can forget that) to use for sharing mats and crafted items.

Thanks! V-

TeamSpeak Update:

demonR6, Feb 21, 09 3:37 PM.
Boys and girls I have increased the capacity of our TeamSpeak server as it seems we have outgrown the 15 slots. I requested the increase this morning (02/20) and hope to hear back from them today so that everyone can get on the server tonight.
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