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Why join EATCo?
  • Active, opinionated members with extensive knowledge in class and game mechanics.
  • Scheduled end-game content and raids.
  • Leadership opportunities for interested members.
  • Vent server, website, guild bank, and tabard.
  • Participation in guild events encouraged but not required.
To Apply For Membership
  1. Go to the Guild Charter link and read through the charter. You will have to be prepared to accept its terms in the Guild Application.
  2. Click on the "New User" link at the top right of this page.
  3. Fill out the New User Registration with a User Name, Email, Password, and at least one character name. Make sure the box for  "Apply to the East Azeroth Trading Co. Website Now!" is checked. **Very Important** Please use some variation of your main character's name as your user name.
  4. This takes you to the Guild Application. Fill it out to the best of your ability, and submit it.
  5. We will be in touch with you in-game within a few days.
Recruitment Officer - Celaluna

If you are interested in joining the East Azeroth Trading Co., please contact Celaluna in-game for more information.

Other Guild News

Happy New Year

Saryel, Jan 1, 10 2:16 PM.
Happy New Year EATCo.  As the holidays start to wind down it's time for us to start waking up the guild again.  We need to start recruiting once again so we can get our raid nights filled out.

New ombudsmage

Saryel, Dec 23, 09 9:28 AM.
Sereinia has stepped up and offered to fill in as our ombudsmage so congratulations and thank you to her.  If you have any conflicts that need resolving, she's your girl.


Avadakadavra, Dec 8, 09 9:10 AM.
Monday nights have always been a problem to fully stock the raid group, so please don't be discouraged by the lack of raiding last night.

As of this week, the calendar will reflect raids on Tuesday and Thursday nights instead of M/W, to see if we can get more people, more consistently. Please sign up if you are available, and use the new "tentative" status if it applies.

Since the 3.3 patch came out today, it is very possible that server issues, mod issues, and certain people not being able to log in to the game will make tonight a bust too...that's pretty normal for patch day as well. If that happens, plan on raiding Thursday night.

New Vent Server

Saryel, Dec 3, 09 9:57 AM.
We have a new Ventrilo server, check out the members forum for details

Happy Birthday EATCo!

Saryel, Nov 15, 09 9:53 PM.
As of Saturday the 14th the guild is officially 2 years old, woot!
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