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A Jedi Shadow's duty was to seek out and destroy any sign of the Sith. If Jedi Guardians were the protectors of the Jedi Order, the Shadows were the secret police. They were trained to use the light and the dark side of the force. The Jedi Shadow were thought to be gone after the Great Jedi Purge, but have been reforming on Talus under Jedi Master Xanderr.

"To defeat thy enemy, One must know thy enemy"

Ranks in the Order
Initiate A jedi who has not yet built their first lightsaber.
Padawan A jedi that has made their first lightsaber is now known as a Padawan. A Padawan can become an apprentice of a Jedi Knight or Master. The Padawan does not chose his or her teacher, the teacher choses them.
Knight Before a Padawan can be come a Kight his or her master has to belive that they are ready, has to be at least level 78, and past the Knight Trials. A Knight can then take on an apprentice. Before an apprentice is taken. The Knight should speak with the Grand Master.
Master Before a Knight can be a Master he or she much have had to train a jedi to knighthood, be a lvl 90, and past the Master Trials.
Council Members to be a Council Member there must be an opening on the council, be a Master, and u have to be voted in by the Masters already on the Council.
The Knight and Master Trials The trails will be told to u when your ready for the Trails by Grand Master Xanderr. The Master Trail will be one test of jedi mastery. The Knight Trials well be of 4 parts. Trail of Skill, Trail of Flesh, Trail of Courage, and Trail of Spirit. Upon passing the said trial a ceremony will be held in a place named at said time by the grand master. All jedi in the order are to attend.
Rules of Roleplay
Taking an Apprentice
The Jedi that is willing to take a lower level jedi must first inform the council. The Knight or Master will then ask the padawan if he or she is wanting to learn from them. If they are willing to learn, the future master can set up a small side quest for the padwan in which the padawan will get an item of the quest (see grand master for ideas in u need one). The Master and padawan are to travel to the force shine on Talus. (see grand master for one of the waypoints) There they are to meditate on the force for the amount of time determined by the future master. Afterwards the future Master and Padawan are to travel together to the ruins of the ancient Jedi Temple on Dantooine. Once there, the master will instruct the padawan to kneel and recite the Jedi code. Now the master will ask the padawan if he or she willing to dedicate their life to the order and its members. If the padawan agrees, the Master instructs their student to rise and declares him or her their apprentice.
The final step is for the master to put the following at the top of their bio: "Jedi Apprentice (name of apprentice) and for the Apprentice to put in the top of their bio: Jedi Master (Masters Name)
Training your Apprentice
The Master:
The Master's role in the system is to help their apprentice advance. This advancement comes in three main ways:
1. Helping them gain experience points and with legacy to increase their combat level
2. Helping them acquire the resources and components to construct a more powerful lightsaber as they become certified.
3. Helping them find better robes when they are able to wear them

The Student:
The apprentice's role in the system is two-fold:
The apprentice should be very respectful of their Master and should try their best to meet any advancement goals their master sets for them to achieve.

Advancement goals:
A Teacher would expectedly set goals for his or her student, though the teacher should not belittle or demean their apprentice if they did not advance as quickly as the master expects.

When the master fells that their apprentice is ready, the master may come to the council and let them know that they fell as if the apprentice is ready. The apprentice should start the Jedi Knight Trails soon after that. If the apprentice should fail, they can try again in a month. If they past the trials the final step well be held at the Ceremony of Knighthood. After the ceremony the newly knighted jedi is to change their bio to Former Jedi Master: (master's name) and the master changes their bio to Apprentice Trained: (padawan's name)
Council Members
Grand Master: Xanderr Holocaust
Council Members:
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Master and Apprentices
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