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We are the tainted ones...tainted with fate to take the epic journey...

Welcome to the Dark Conquest!

When we are good and ready, we shall conquer every major instance they have to throw at us. It's our glory to take and nothing can stand in our way!

Our weapons thirst to taste the blood of the Alliance. Our other major goal is to be renowned with all the BG's as well!

Will you help us to take on this conquest?

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Getting Ready For Raiding!

539321025_Inactive, Jan 10, 08 3:34 AM.

Yes, that's right!
We're so close guys. Just need to have a few more 70's technically for end game instances.

If you want an idea on how to prepare, consider the following!

Tanks: (Uncrittable by default)
Warrior 12k armor/12k hp 35-40% combined avoidance (Dodge/parry/miss, not block)
Pally 12k armor/10-11k hp 35-40% combined avoidance (Yes, I know it should be higher)
Druid 20-22k armor/13k hp 25-30% combined avoidance
(15% dodge + 15% parry + 490 defense = 40% combined, not going by combat table here so I know it's lower)

Physical DPS
1400-1500 AP
20% crit
80ish hit rating
(Can change up for rogues a bit though depending on spec)

Caster dps
600-800+ dmg
high hit rating (Non hit capped is fine but a full 16% resist, no idea how people would get that anyway, will kill your dps)

1150-1300 +healing
50+ mp5
Mana pots

For Kara: Minor Notes!
(This information was found on Thottbot.)

600dmg 25%crit 5%spell hit

800dmg 10%crit 3%spell hit

Shadow Priest:
700dmg 10%crit 3%spell hit
All need 7k Health

1300 attack power
7-8k Health

1100 Attack power
20% crit

Kara Group 1 (Not Final)

539321025_Inactive, Dec 18, 07 7:08 AM.

You've been waiting and wondering...
Now it's time ya knew!
Here's our idea so far for Kara Group 1

Group 1
-Tank (MT): Tasozel (Ready. Needs one piece of gear)
-Tank: Steyr (Ready. Needs some gear)
-Heals: Ohaano (Ready and Geared)
-DPS: Volgoth (Ready and Geared)
-DPS: Daemrajik (Needs Kara key. Needs a few more gear.)

Group 2
-Healz: Grumone (Needs Kara key. Needs a few more gear.)
-DPS:Katok (Ready and Geared.)
-DPS: Zinalei (Ready. Needs some gear.)
-DPS: Kallistia (Ready and Geared)
-DPS: Riach (Ready and Geared)

Possible alligned raiders
-Guildie Backups-
-Amarex: Holy. Going Ret-
-In Other Guilds or Guildless-
-Aurinis: Shadow Priest
-Volgoth: Mage
-Seravi: Shadow Priest

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