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Welcome to the Ninja Assassin Sushi guild website!

If you are interested in recruitment or joining us, please contact a guild officer in game - we recruit via interview only. We are far more interested in the personalities of the people that join this guild, rather than their gear or experience. Afterall, experience and gear can easily be fixed, but personalities tend not to change. If you are new to joining us or simply wanting to find out a bit more about us, please refer to the information section on the left - the loot System, Guild Rules and Raid Information are a good place to start.

Ninja Assassin Sushi is both a PvP and PvE guild. We have active and high-rated arena teams, weekly premade battlegrounds, and focus most of our weekly raiding on 10-man instances (however we also do weekly 25-man raids as well). The event schedule at this stage is Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights at 7:30pm.

Current Raid content:

10 man - Naxxramas (cleared)
10 man - The Obsidian Sanctum (cleared)
10 man - Vault of Archavon (cleared)
10 man - The Eye of Eternity (cleared)
10 man - Ulduar (cleared)
10 man - Trial of the Crusader (cleared)
10 man - Onyxia's Lair (cleared)
10 man - Icecrown Citadel (cleared)

25 man - Naxxramas (cleared)
25 man - The Obsidian Sanctum (cleared)
25 man - Vault of Archavon (cleared)
25 man - The Eye of Eternity (cleared)
25 man - Ulduar (cleared)
25 man - Trial of the Crusader (cleared)
25 man - Onyxia's Lair (cleared)
25 man - Icecrown Citadel (in progress, 8/12)

On the occasions where we host a 25-man with pugs, we will /roll on all loot. For Guild only raids, we use the loot system described on the left (essentially we /roll, with a 3-raid minimum to be eligible to roll).

Current Raid groups:

10 man progression (best available guild members selected)
10 man normal (open to any who missed the progression raid, including alts)
25 man progression (best available guild members selected)

We are fair, honest and open with all loot distribution both in guild raids and pug raids, however we reserve the right to remove anyone at any time from any raid should we see fit. This includes both guildies and pugs.

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