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Hey everyone,

To answer some questions

A, No I did not leave due to health issues.
B. HHHMMM number one rule is no drama, but seems that just doesnt stick.

For those that felt I am or was dishonest... was my original goal to keep my lock on LS yes. What changed... I logged in to find several guild members whispering me with questions on how long they gave me to live, and am I ok etc. Due to Ara telling them I was leaving wow for "Health" reasons.

I have no idea what kind of person does that when I had not left, nor was I going to... but that was the final straw... I was sooo pissed I said my goodbyes to those that where on line and immidiately left.

Health issues... hhmm well yes... drama causes stress makes me worse so in a ROUND about way yes I left due to health issues... caused by DRAMA QUEEN....

There are several of you that I loved playing with and will truley miss. However combined with the horde, the wait time to log on etc... I was done on LS...

Best of wishes to those of you ... you know who you are.

Keep in touch.
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