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Hey guys,welcome to our Falcons Of The Alliance website! I'm really trying to make it a neat lookin' site,and I am still learning about how to make it totally sweet! And yes...I will admit that I need a bit of help working on it,so PLEASE give me some advice.

If you want me to plan an event that you would like me to host,please just tell me,I would be happy to host it ;) .Also,I am working on getting a vent,so we can all talk to eachother through voice chat! And,if you have some spare money,please save some for getting the guild bank (it's ONLY *much exaggeration on the ONLY part* 100g).I also would like to get some screenshots of us once to guild gets a bit larger.We can add the screenshots to our website so we can look back at our great guildies :) .

If you guys want to contact me through a private email,my email is So please,try to make this guild a great place to be.Be polite,help eachother out,and don't be shy to ask me and Feathertail for help (she's a really sweet girl).

I would like a few people to have certain guild privledges as well.For example,I can assign somebody to be the guild treasuer (the person who keeps track of the money in the guild bank) or the main officer (person who makes sure nobody is fighting,and fixes the situation approprietly).

So guys,please try to find as many people as you can that need a nice,helpful guild,I really would like to make this thing work! And any suggestions,just talk to me or email me.So thankyou guys for joining Falcons Of The Alliance! *hugs and kisses to all*. =)

With love..

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Let's make this guild a great place to be!

539324873_Inactive, Nov 17, 07 8:04 PM.
Hey everybody! Please take a minute to read this :)

Well first of all,I have some really great news.I have almost enough money to get the guild bank! I have 70g right now,and that means....I only need 30g more! *cheers* .At the guild meeting schedueled on 11/20/200 12:00pm server time.

I would also like people to start adding lots more people.I really want to make this guild larger,and active! Eventually,I would really like to start running some instances,even if you want me to run you through them! You should talk to me and Feathertail if you need any tricky instance runs,or if you need help with a group quest.

I would also like to get some screenshots of the guildies whenver many people are online.I think that would be a great way to improve the guild website! ^.^

I am also starting assigning jobs to people.So far,Feathertail is the Grand-Officer (person who makes sure that all guild members are getting along,and if not,delivers the appropriate actions).Novembre is the Treasurer (person who keeps track on money in the guild bank).I would like to assign more jobs to certain people aswell :)

Well,one last thing...I am starting class leaders!So far...this is what I have got: Class leader for druid-Selorae,class leader for hunter-Feathertail,class leader for shaman-Novembre,class leader for mage-Artieso,and class leader for rogue-sacredsword.I would like to get a class leader for warriors,pallys,warlocks,and priests!

Thanks so much guys!

With much love,

New Guild: Falcons Of The Alliance!

539324873_Inactive, Nov 17, 07 9:52 AM.
Hey guys,and welcome to Falcons Of The Alliance! I am hoping that we can get more members and a guild bank.I am also looking forward for us to be running instances,and helping eachother quest daily.Please be polite to all other members,and try to find as many people as you can to join Falcons Of The Alliance! If you have any other alts that need a guild,please add them :) .If you need any help questing or need a run through an instance,talk to me and Feathertail (Feathertail rocks!).If you guys have any suggestions for the guild,just tell me,I really would like the guild to be as best as it can! And thanks soooo much to the people that were willing to sign the guild charter,if it wasn't for you,Falcons Of The Alliance would not exist.Thanks guys!

*hugs and kisses to all* :)
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