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A Time for Change
Jun 29, 08 12:01 PM
Message to all
May 13, 08 2:16 PM
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Welcome to the Blue Rogues!

    We are a social linkshell & want to have good conversation while we play this game. FF11 is a great game and we help the slow parts seem a little faster. What else can you do on a 15 minute boat ride?
See you in game...

~ Ilvex
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A Time for Change

ImmortalKnight, Jun 29, 08 12:01 PM.
      I've been in this Ls for almost a year..... Got my pearl from Arrwen lil over a year ago. This seemed like a great haven from the issues i'd seen in the previous years leading my own ls.This Ls seemed alive and unified and I was excited and eager to show to the members my drive and will to help the ls. I've met alot of great ppl in this Ls, brought in a few new ppl, and reunited
with some old friends under this banner. I've helped and bonded with alot of ppl and it was great. I've had some great help completing some runs from some awesome ppl; selfless and honorable, you few are what any Ls needs keep up the good works and never change! I myself have gotten help on some big things, thank you, reguardless of our standing now it wont be forgotten that you made it possible to have what I have now. Had some great times really......
           .....All good things must come to an end I guess. I took the title, Event Coordinator to help others and the Ls as a whole. To those i helped, Your welcome. I wanted nothing in return from you, you owe me nothing but I hope to continue to have your friendship and memory of our time together, that's all^^. I've taken that title 2x's now and for the final time i'll be stepping down.
I feel things have changed, in the Ls and in myself. I feel the leadership of this Ls and i have gone 2 different ways and I'm standing alone. That just leaves the Ls in limbo so I'm standing back to let things progress how ever they may. Any issues between leadership members doesn't benefit the group and  and surly doesn't lead to any progress. I feel this is for the best.
               To my friends, your not forgotten. You never will be, when my back's been on the wall you been there for me and we share history that won't ever be forgotten. I have a quote that I've lived by all my life, " Touched by many, held by none....Seek me in true thought and Ill always be there" My real friends will alwasy have me by there side in a time of need. Just gotta call^^ As a matter of fact that will be part of my agenda for a good while. I plan on getting back to basics and working on bonds with my friends. 
                As far as end game, my current alliance between this Ls and IK stands for now and is pending the leaderships choice. Events are pending, Mahdi is in charge of Nyzul Isle and to my knowledge he plans to continue. Those of this Ls are more than welcome to join in on that. It's an interesting event that in time could produce great rewards. As for myself I've gone back to
my Dynamis ls and for now I'm going to work on me until I can form a real leadership team that can provide for a group to run on a regular basis. Until then it would be unfair for me to keep ppl hanging on that when there are too many questions left unanswered as of yet.
                I've asked Dae with a seemingly refreshed and ready to lead attitude to take my place. I'm sure together with the rest of the Ls' leadership he can do better than I have. Let the past be the past and support him and I know this Ls will do great things! I'll be around see you all again soon. Take  care all.

Message to all

ilvex, May 13, 08 2:16 PM.
    As you can see I've post the Einherjar event on  the Calendar, we may or may not be ready for it, so you know I'm funding this out of pocket as it were, the bank has some gil but not alot. 

    To all of our lower lvl ppl, I'd really like you all to focus on your Main job as much as possible. Now this isn't too say i'm trying to be controlling/the game not fun, BUT you'd be suprised how much easier going back and messing around with lower jobs can be once you have 1 70+ job. 

    Now I realize getting gil, gear ect is a big task, and doesn't help if you highest is 30-50+, So i'd love if you guys started working together more on that, a big thing you guys can do is the ENM's in the promies; they're all lvl 30, so no prob there you can do them with less the 6 ppl, even less then 5 ppl, they have items there that sell for over a mil. The main reason I bring all of this up is I'd love to see us go father in Vana'diel, some much stuff left to do in this game and I don't wanna do it with anyone else but you guys. And i know gil is one of the big slow downs in this game. 

    We ALL need to focus alittle more on some slightly more important things, 2 big things are CoP and ZM missions, you can't really get any of the  cool gear in the game with out getting to these place that the missions open up, this is big for you ppl lvl Blu as 3 of the best spells of the 7 come from SEA. 

    I'd like to take a moment and thank a couple of people in this LS,

Diva ~ she's helped 99% of the LS at one point or another and makes our day brighter with her o so lovely commnets and such in LS chat.

Tarkna ~ this little fucker has helped most of us at some point, or another, or when ever you ask for help if he is free to help he will and gives us all someone to hate, I know i hate him XD.

Kiroo ~ He's also helped alot of us, and has helped me to try and get us more organized and working towards getting us to end-gamish stuff.

I make a note of these people because when, not if, we beat Einherjar these ppl need to be rewarded, now for those of you who haven't been directly helped by them, remember the only reason we'll get there is because of them. after those 3 all lotting will be random ect, remember you still get points for gear from a NPC, we all need to have good attendance for this event as we can't move on without everyone, as there are key items involved.

For all the other sack holders and people who'd like to be ones, requitement needed to be stepped up. If your not a sack, doesn't mean you can't recuit; let me know i'm on alot during the day and early night, I can meet you most anywhere to give out pearls or you can request a few to carry around to give out.

I have more to say but i can't think of what it is now, as i'm stuck at work >>

so all in all, i love you guys, i'm sorry for my own drama and all the hurt i did: for those of you who know, and i'd like to see you guys push harder to get where we all want to be anyways, we'll get there; together, as Blue Rogues

{Peace} {Love} {Unity} {Respect} 
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