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Destined To Die Alone
Nov 21, 07 9:11 AM
Web Site Live on GuildPortal!
Nov 21, 07 8:58 AM
Welcome To The Official DTDA Guild Site

    As of now we are starting out small but are expected to grow rapidly. We beleve strongly in helping each other. Rather it be for Quest's, Finding a Location,  or just General Questions about the game. We also beleve in curtious behavior. Someone in or not in the guild helps you out just say thank you. You would be surprised the feed back you will get. This guild isn't going anywhere so rest asure you will always have a place in Destined To Die Alone.

    For a little bit more information on us, Our leaders name is Elkagda. The second in commands name is Grotusk. One or the other of us is online at a time if not both of us. If you have any questions just drop either Elkagda or Grotusk a line in World of Warcraft and they will help you out ASAP! Now a little story as to how we became.

     Since the begining of time Elkagda has been running the guild and has not received any complaints as to how he has been doing as Leader of the guild. As the leader he met a promising young lad who Elkagda got to know and quest with. His name was Grotusk. They became great friends and Elkagda decided to take him under his wing and make him second in command.

      They now run Destined To Die Alone with an iron fist making sure to only allow members to join that meet the guild criteria. There are guild laws and guild rules to abide by. Destined To Die Alone will go down in history as one of the greatest guilds in World of Warcraft history. They grow in numbers and attack like tornados. Your either with us or against us. YOU MAKE THE CHOICE!!!!
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539257252_Inactive, Nov 21, 07 9:11 AM.
       First and for most if you are just joining the guild, Let me congradulate you on this great acomplishment. Please Make sure to read the rules. Also when in the guild when you reach the rank to be able to recruit please recruit anyone lvl 10 and up that is looking for a guild. Let them know we are a friendly guild the helps whomever ask's for it. Also let them know that we run instance's on a regular bases. And be friendly to whom ever you cross.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

539257252_Inactive, Nov 21, 07 8:58 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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