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Guild New's
What we are about
We are about:

1. Maintaining our friendships while keeping eachother in check. None of us is above anyone else in this Guild. We should respect one another and treat everyone equally. There is nobody above the law here! If you feel like you are.....Don't let the big door hit ya where the good lord split ya. CYA!

2. Play fairly and give your best effort. No half steppin when we are playing together. We should act like whatever we are doing is for ourselves.

3. Be Honest to one another. (I'm not talking about fishing stories). I'm talking about respecting everyones right to be told the truth. If your ok with lying to another member then I assume your ok with being lied to. Either way there are guilds out there that feed off liers and are never full enough. Go join them. Being dishonest around here will be dealt with swiftly and harshly.

4. Respect the Tabard. (No, I don't mean the design) By this I mean don't be going around scamming, being a spoiler, starting trouble for people, being the morning news paper (playing the he said she said crap), doing your best "Leeroy Jenkins" act, or anything that is obviously acting like an asshole. You will be flogged naked in the street if caught doing so.

These are just common sence things and we all should be mindful of them.

Lets just play and have fun. After all, thats what It's really about anyway right?
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