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WoW News Test
Dec 18, 07 6:57 PM
Level 70s!!
Dec 14, 07 4:09 PM
Need/Greed Etiquette
Dec 14, 07 4:04 PM
Guild Bank
Dec 14, 07 4:01 PM
Web Site Live on GuildPortal!
Nov 25, 07 2:49 PM
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WoW News

Korialstrasz Realm

WELCOME to all of the former members of ANCIENT DEFENDERS and RUTHLESS  that have joined EPIC GUARDIANS!!!

Members, please read the Code of Conduct and The Ranks news items on the home page.  You must have member access to this website.

BECOME A MEMBER NOW!  Besides the Home page, everything else on the website is member access only and may be viewed only by becoming a member of Epic Guardians.  If you are already a member of the guild, provide me with your email address via wowmail and I will send you an invitation to the site or create a guild portal user account by selecting "new user" and completing the registration form.  I will check the site regularly to approve members.

You've applied to the website but you haven't been granted member access yet? I only grant member access if I know who you are! PLEASE USE YOUR MAIN NAME AS USER NAME!!  If name is already taken, try putting "Epic" in front of your name or a number after it.

JOIN EPIC GUARDIANS GUILD!!  Interested in joining the guild?  Visit the Forum page and apply for membership.  Tell us your main toon name and why you want to become a member of the greatest guild on Korialstraz. =)  Note minimum level for new members is Level 20.  You will be contacted by one of our senior officers.
Other Guild News

WoW News Test

539340294_Inactive, Dec 18, 07 6:57 PM.
And this is what any news regarding WoW in general (WoW News Category) would look like. Or it could be for alliance news, or whatever.

Level 70s!!

539340294_Inactive, Dec 14, 07 4:09 PM.
W00T!!! We have level 70s!!!

Welcome back to the guild NOJO!! Level 70 on June 23rd!

Congrats to POLSPRI for 70 on June 24th!!

Congrats to BRONT for 70 on July 6th!!

SHEARAH 70 on July 16th!! =) Hey that's me!

Congrats MORIQUEND and CHLOETTE!!! Two on one day! 70s on July 21st!!

BUKHAKI! Gratz on 70 on August 2nd!!

SHURAKAI! Gratz on 70 on August 4th!!

Congrats CORROSIVE!! Level 70 August 9th!!

Congrats to RUBBERS!! Level 70 August 19th!!

ATREU and PRIMUSPILUS!!! Congrats to both on reaching Level 70 on August 25th!!

A Warm Welcome to the Level 70 that joined us...THELIANA!!

BOHELWIN you sexy devil!! Congrats on Level 70 on September 3rd!!

NICKHAWKINS!! Grats on getting Level 70 on September 7th!! and for getting booted from the guild for guild chat exploits!!

RUSTEE!! Grats on your middle-of-the night Level 70 on September 10th!!

Congrats on getting Level 70 and Happy Birthday to DARANDOM on September 13th!!

McBIFF!!! Yahoo and grats on Level 70 on September 18th!!

Congrats on a speedy run to Level 70 TYRANNIS!!! (Probably off levelling another character to 70 now...)

Congrats to SPEKTER for reaching Level 70 on October 6th!!

Hooray for JAYSAL on getting Level 70 on October 8th!!  We've been waiting for you! =)

Congrats to both DRAZZ and DAMU on their race to Level 70 only hours apart on October 9th!!  Good luck and good bye to Damu.

Grats to COLDBARAGE on Level 70 on October 26th and then leaving the guild on November 13th - cya! Armory still shows you in Epic...there is no escape!

YAY for LACKERED for taking a day off for a hangover *cough*, dragging himself out of bed *kack*, and getting Level 70 on November 1st!!

Yahoo another Level 70!! Congrats to OOSALDAVERM for hitting it on November 5th!!

Another two 70s on one day!  Gratz to LIPPS and DADDYPHATS on November 23rd!!

We had a flood of members join on November 24th including some 70s!! Welcome AMARIS, DADDIUS, GALANZGA and SAROMSKER.

Congrats to XANTH on Level 70 on November 29th!!  Gratz on awesome design of the EG banner too!

MERMIDEN!!! Congrats on Level 70 on December 4th!!

Our dearest newb (that never acted like a n00b) is now a big bad Level 70 as of December 9th!! Congrats ASMIL!!!

Welcome to REVRESBO!!!  Level 70 joined us from another server on December 9th!!

A very understated announcement "ok...dong...70" by NEILLING after making Level 70 on December 10th!!! Oh...ok...grats!!

Need/Greed Etiquette

539340294_Inactive, Dec 14, 07 4:04 PM.
It's come to my attention that some guildies while good intentioned don't have a full understanding of need/greed etiquette.  So I would like to point out the most important rules when need/greeding.

Needing is OK When

- The item is one you will equip immediately, and is in line with how you stat. (If not immediately equipable you must give reason and get agreement... This also falls into an item that goes against your class but you want for alternative gear sets i.e. healing you must get agreement in responses)  While it is required that you ask to need under guild rules; if a fellow guildy (who is following the rule) has needed on purpose with or without asking or confusion arises do not condemn them for it because if you follow this rule you will fairly be in the running for any item you need as well.

The most important thing in this whole news item however is this:

If you want an item under the above criteria and you hit greed, you cannot expect those that do need it not to need, and it is completely on you that you were not in the running for the item.

Guild Bank

539340294_Inactive, Dec 14, 07 4:01 PM.
Now that there is an open log available for all to see, we have started the Guild Bank ("GB") as of the 2.3 patch.  In case you weren't aware, the Guild Bank log from the beginning can be viewed on the WoW Armory.

I don't like to force anyone to do anything so we don't currently request members to donate a set amount to the GB however I am delighted that so many have donated so much already!!  Epic RAWKS!!!!  Everyone currently has GB access to deposit funds to the GB and we appreciate all donations.

There are six bank tabs available however each tab has 98 slots and costs a considerable amount of gold.  In case you were wondering, the first tab was 100g, the second tab was 250g, third tab 500g, fourth 1000g, fifth 2000g and the sixth is 5000g.  FYI - I paid the 100g to open the bank, and the 100g + 250g for the first and second bank tabs.  I paid myself back from GB for buying the third tab at 500g. :)

Now that we have third tab, I have opened access (as of November 30th) to all members ranked squire and above to deposit items and also to make some limited withdrawals.  Here is the current access breakdown:

GL & Guardians: deposit to all tabs, withdraw 50 items/tabs 1-3/day
Nobles: deposit to all tabs, withdraw 3 items/tabs 1-3/day
Officers & Royal Guards: deposit to all tabs, withdraw 1 item/tab 2/day + withdraw 2 items/tab 3/day
Honor Guard: deposit to all tabs, withdraw 2 items/tab 3/day
Veteran: deposit tab 3 only, withdraw 2 items/tab 3/day
Knight & Squire: deposit tab 3 only, withdraw 1 item/tab 3/day
Members: view only

If there is any item in the GB that you don't have acces to that you can use (now), ask the one of the Guild Leader, Guardians or Nobles to get it out and send it to you.  Please note however, that if you are requesting an item for a "twink" you are not getting it.  The GB is not to be used for twinking and any items that go into the bank that are considered to be "twink" items will be removed immediately and put in the AH to avoid conflicts.  The twink items are just too in demand and cause trouble.  (If you want something crafted for your twink you will have to commission/ask someone in guild to make it for you privately.)

We are not currently handing out funds from the GB until we can save up to buy more bank tabs (next one will be 1000g).

If you have any questions, please whisper me (when I'm not in a dungeon).

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

539340294_Inactive, Nov 25, 07 2:49 PM.
Yes, the test realm is up! Rejoice!

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