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Welcome to Avengers! .

we are a small, friendly, helpful, and family oriented guild on the World of Warcraft Echo Isles sever. (Profanity, Rude remarks, Gestures, etc. will not be tolerated, we have a few small children of guild members that are active in the guild and want to keep this friendly. So please refrain from these types of activities. Thanks in advance).The guild is very helpful for both new and old guild members. If you need help with quests or instances please ask in guild chat or post a message under the forums section of this page. (Please remember that everyone has their own needs and may be busy at the current time and may take some time to respond. Many of us put your needs before our own and want everyone to have an enjoyable experience.)We are currently recruiting new members to form a progression team for raiding instances from Karazhan and Zul 'Aman. We currently  have no level or character requirements like many other guilds. We welcome everyone. We have a guild bank, Ventrilo server, and a guild rank system. If you are interested in giving us a try please fill out an application at the top of this page.For new guild members: After a week of active play, The Guild Master will buy you a guild tabard if needed.Thank you for taking the time to visit our guild website. Please remember this is a work in progress and that we will do our best to keep this site updated.Please visit our Forums section for more information.

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Avengers Has a New Address!

System, Nov 27, 07 7:42 AM.
Avengers has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

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