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Issue: 11 out now!
Nov 29, 07 2:50 AM
Web Site Live on GuildPortal!
Nov 28, 07 9:34 PM
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Welcome to the Unspeakable Villain Group homepage.

We are a prestige based VG on the Justice server. Our VG has only been around since Feb 2006, but we have already reached the
top 100 VG list on the Justice server. We have a fully operational base and encourage Teamwork,sharing of resources and support
to all VG members. We expect people in our VG to be friendly and helpful to all other players.(This includes people NOT in our VG!)
All new members are expected to play in SG mode until level 25-30 so we can advance in the top 100 ranks and afford to continually
develop our base. Usually VG advancement will occur when players reach increments of 50k prestige, in saying that the
Tyrant Kings may advance anyone that they deem worthy of advancement. Usually this is because of some outstanding achievement
or dedication to the VG.

All high level players, level 30 - 50, are expected to help Power Level lower players at some time and once you are playing out of SG
mode you will be expected to share your Infamy with other lower level players in the VG. In saying that NO player will be expected to
sell themselves short of Infamy for ANY reason! Your own advancement will be paramount because the more you advance, the faster
others can advance with your help.

The Founder and Top Tyrant King is Meat Machine  He is a Brute (Energy/Electric Lvl 50). Meat is the ONLY person
with authority to modify the VG base and he has done a totally commendable job of it!

Second in command are several players. They are listed below for your convenance.

Soulweaver - Level 50 Energy/Energy Stalker.
Lucious the Eternal - Level 50 Energy/Electric Brute.
Kharand Cypher - Level 50 Assault Rifle/Radiation Corruptor..

All of these people have multiple toons in the VG so you will have to keep your eyes peeled for them.

Any players who wish to join our VG need only request membership from one of there dependable players and it should be given.
Provided you play with honor, dedication and integrity.



Issue: 11 out now!

539349135_Inactive, Nov 29, 07 2:50 AM.
Issue 11 has been released on the live servers. Log in and leave a message letting everyone know what you think of the new power sets and Enhancement sets.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

539349135_Inactive, Nov 28, 07 9:34 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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