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New Website
Jan 27, 08 8:00 AM
First Gruul Kill as Audacity!
Dec 10, 07 8:36 AM
Nov 29, 07 6:18 AM
Welcome to Audacity!

Audacity is a guild based on the Sentinels server, formed primarily from those who joined Temp Name long ago and had stuck together as friends and family despite the long and arduous journey that has brought us here. We ARE a high end raiding guild in progress. It is for this reason that the guild name holds its meaning as more than just an awesome way of saying: "screw you", to those who choose to try and stop us, but as it shows our own inner determination and desire to see things through together as a dedicated group of friends and raiders. 

UPDATE: We now have our own site at
Please redirect any applications or interest there!
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New Website

538311795_Inactive, Jan 27, 08 8:00 AM.
Read the greeting, nubs.

First Gruul Kill as Audacity!

538311795_Inactive, Dec 10, 07 8:36 AM.
After recovering from a Temp headache, Gruul the Drooling bastard dies and gives out phat lewts 4 all! Not really, but a couple people did walk away with some nice stuff. Grats to all who were there for the first kill as Audacity as we begin our progression anew!

[Aldor Legacy Defender] - Devondelrous
[Cowl of Nature's Breath] - Kisara
[Leggings of the Fallen Defender] - Keltin
[Leggings of the Fallen Hero]- Phyrexian


538311795_Inactive, Nov 29, 07 6:18 AM.
Well, here we are. I decided to throw around a little bit of effortless tweaking. Right now, this is just the test site. Hopefully we can get around to making one of our own instead of the standard guild portal, but hey, we gotta start  somewhere.

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