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Guild Leaders:


I'd just like to thank all visitors and new members for checking out the home of the new upstart guild ADASTRA


An ALLIANCE guild on the Sargeras server that is dedicated to conquering all that we face, we will not back down from the face of any enemy of the guild and we will emerge victorious..

All ADASTRA guild members are driven to help each other and achieve all we can, we created this guild to be everything we felt we wanted from a guild, helpful, knowledgeable and crazy enough to try anything once. 

Our main aim is to enjoy our playing time and get everyone involved as much as possible.  The purpose of the guild is to enhance game play and make playing the game that much more fun for everyone. 

What we hope to create here is a true family atmospher. Not something for all those leet kids. Something for mature people, and I don't just mean by age, to come together and enjoy the game.  We are and will continue to be a DRAMA free guild.  We all have to deal with drama in the real world so who wants to deal with it while playing a game. 

We are looking for mature people that are looking to help enhance the game. We are not a a power levleing, raid only type guild. We will be willing to do raids and instances of coarse but we are about having fun in the game and not just being the highest level or having the best stuff in the game. Hopefully this appeals to you and you will join us.

Some great things the guild currently has:

Guild bank - see what is in the bank in game and make requests
Ventrilo server - why just type to your guildies, say hi and talk to them real time

Look for lots of things to change on this page.

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