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The Jedi Order
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The Jedi Order. A Star Wars Galaxies Roleplaying Guild. Allied with the Dark Jedi Order.

Purpose: To provide the Star Wars Galaxies community with a fun, and real Jedi experience.

Gameplay: Mainly a PvE guild, with an alternate PvP combat style.

The Partnership: The Jedi Order and the Dark Jedi Order has the excact same rules. This makes things much easier when Rping with/against each other, and provides both sides with tons of fun. When it comes to PvP the guilds have an unique system. The combat is fought in /duel or /guildwars, but this is just so we have the animations. For the actual fight we will use a a dice system. Mainly 20-sided-dices. In additon to the dices. We will have different types of modifiers, these are added to your roll. The system might seem advanced or hard to understand at first, but it wont take long to get the hang of it. the system gives our members a fair and enjoyable way to fight.

The Orders will not start their roleplay until both sides have a minimum of 10 members each. This is to ensure that we can offer a solid experience for everyone.
Both Orders are looking for members to fill every rank. And if there is no applications for Council positions the Orders will not be able to start up.
We are looking for active and dedicated members. You must be willing to make an effort in the guild, and not expect that your roleplay will be handed to you everytime you log in.

Our system is created for those who enjoy the PvE content of SWG, but perhaps feel that PvP isnt for them. The fights wont be determined by how good your equipment is, how good your buffs are, etc. but instead by your roleplay. All you need is a 20 sided-dice.
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