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The Ashla

Ashla: The light side of the Force identified by positive emotions which, in turn,  empower the Ashla allowing the user insight into its ethical uses. The energy that Jedi, simply, refer to as the Force.

It is said that a holy man, many centuries ago, discovered the Force. He learned of the Ashla and of the Bogan - its darker side. He realized while the Ashla is positive to life the Bogan was easier to learn and master but that it was able to manipulate the user. He passed this knowledge to his 12 children who became known as the Jedi Bendu of the Ashla.


The Order of Ashla is a role-playing guild for Force Sensitives on the server of Ahazi playing Star Wars Galaxies. The intent is to provide a pure role-playing experience using the available resources in game. It is meant for players who want to play the game instead of grinding through to level 90. It is required for characters to have a name that is realistic in the "Star Wars" universe.

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