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Welcome to Cursus Honorum. !!!

First a little background on what the name means and symbolizes .The true meaning is ' Way of Honor " . The symbol of Cursus Honorum takes us back in history to the Roman era. This was the path of magistrates and hopeful youths seeking out part of the political higher council within Rome. There where many stages to the Cursus Honorum system but how this ties into Lord of the Rings for the Kinship is really all that matters. The Freemen of Bree-land have battled against the harsh conditions for long enough and finally have mounted up a republic in arms against the evil presence. Through the 'way of honor " and courage along with the drive to become a higher council within the age of men together we can form a very powerful force to reclaim middle earth for man.

This is where each and every one of you plays an important part in history. Heed the call to arms and let the battle wage on. Are you up for the challenge ? If so we want you.

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This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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