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Pull up a chair friend, I think I still have a bottle of the old Vintage left somewhere back here, or would you rather a nice ale or tea?

Welcome to Bounders Hall, the home of the Bounders Of The West farthing. As Bounders we are dedicated to the protection of the Shire and helping any Hobbit we might meet in our journeys and adventures.

If you are a Hobbit come to seek the companionship of other Hobbits, help from the Bounders or want to become a Bounder then pull up your chair, share your tale and enjoy some Old Toby with us.

If you are one of the big folk come to visit, you are most welcome and we hope you will enjoy proper Hobbit hospitality.

The Bounders Of The West Farthing are a social , light role play group for Lord of the Rings Online, our current home is on the Gilrain server.  Our Kinship is a Hobbit only membership that is dedicated to expanding the Hobbit community on Gilrain as well as allow a place for players to enjoy a Hobbit style of play. You will not find us rushing headlong to level or worrying about the next great raid. instead you will find a group of players seeking to explore all that wonder that is LOTRO together.

Bounders are also dedicated to the Shire and Hobbit players, this means if you are a Hobbit player in need of help, put out a call on the shire channels and if a Bounder is available you will have help shortly.

The Bounders have an open recruitment policy for all Hobbits and are always seeking allies from other Kinships, it is a big world out there and we all need as many friends as we can get.

Sid- Founder and Leader


We have a new Site

539363666_Inactive, Dec 6, 07 11:52 PM.
The bounders are proud to open their shinny new site. so come and look around we wont bite

539363666_Inactive, Dec 6, 07 11:51 PM.

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