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Crimson Blood Clan
Welcome back old freind
Jan 16, 08 8:23 PM
Dec 28, 07 5:46 PM
Guild Meeting Results
Dec 22, 07 4:36 PM
Guild meeting Friday 10pm servertime
Dec 18, 07 9:14 PM
Dec 10, 07 4:27 PM

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Welcome to the Crimson Blood Clan's Guild Portal!

We are looking for new members again, prefferably players who are lvl 60+ looking for every class, welcoming those looking for raiding or pvpers.

Looking for freindly easy going people who like to play wow, if you are a jerk or freak out if a group whipes then plz don't join up with us. for those of you who are looking for a more freindly environment send us a tell

PST to anyone in the guild for an invite

Other Guild News

Welcome back old freind

539366406_Inactive, Jan 16, 08 8:23 PM.
Our buddy who had his account stolen is back, and we have reinstituted his rank, so make sure to say welcome back to grandchamp :)


539366406_Inactive, Dec 28, 07 5:46 PM.
As many of you may have probably learned is i have annouced a Kara team that i want to form. to get on Team 1 you need to be lvl 70 or very close to it by Feb 10th 2008, this however does not mean that i have turned the guild into nothing but a raiding guild, i still hope to have teams for pvp, do other fun things, and keep the guild a freindly environment but it does mean that we will incorperate raiding into the guild. please talk to Grimgoriron or Aocalvin if you have any questions

Guild Meeting Results

539367203_Inactive, Dec 22, 07 4:36 PM.
The guild meeting went quite well, with the sole exception of not having more members online for it, hence, why I am making this post, to inform any and all members who missed the meeting, or simply wish a refresher.

Promotions were handed out to:

New promotion point system was explained:
Civilian points; helping other plsyers, guild bank donations, and generally helping the guild.
Battle points; Sacking towns, raids.

and group ettiquette:
While in a guild raid, only the officers use /raid to issue attack orders, if you have somehting to tell the raid group, do so in our guild based secondary channels.
Instance and normal groups, be polite, don;t hit need for anythign you won't use, or can't use, and type /roll for all chests and mineral veins (unless you're the only miner) healers heal, and tanks tank.

During the open discussion portion of the meeting a few good points were brought up, the most relevant is the raising of the raid lvl cap for the guild. The minimum level for guild raids has been raised from lvl 15 to lvl 25.

To all who showed up for the meeting (/y FOR THE HORDE)

For all other members, we hope to see you at the next meeting, to be held on the first and third friday evening of every month, Location will most likely be Undercity throne room, all changes to the meeting will be posted in the Guild Message of the Day. 


Guild meeting Friday 10pm servertime

539366406_Inactive, Dec 18, 07 9:14 PM.
10pm servertime in Undercity we are going to have a guild meeting; it is imperative that you show up for this.


539366406_Inactive, Dec 10, 07 4:27 PM.
Alot of SOPs are up please take the time to go over them, there will be more added as time goes by also geiffyns particulars on strategies for our battleground premades and for sacking cities will eventually be posted along with any other things that we feel need to be addressed, feel free to use the fourms and this website to the fullest that you can.

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