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Apr 16, 09 8:25 PM
Jan 19, 08 3:12 AM
Dec 8, 07 1:25 AM
Mort Rocks
Dec 7, 07 11:24 PM
Blackwater: Fun, Honor, Respect, FAMILY.

We're a small guild, but we're tight-knit. We've been together since 2004, through three different games: Star Wars Galaxies, World of Warcraft, and now Lord of the Rings Online. We were formed in SWG on the Gorath server, and that's where our heart stayed for years. Eventually, SOE (the company responsible for SWG) changed the core of Galaxies into a game we did not know, and did not wish to know. We were forced to move on. For about six months, we played World of Warcraft on the Malfurion server. It was fun while it lasted, but all good things must pass. Thus, here we are; here we hope to stay.

We're a small group of people from many age groups and many walks of life. Forged through fire, our bond holds us tight. We don't do a lot of large group quests (typically because our numbers don't allow it), but our kinship chat is usually very active. You can expect to see a lot of cursing and joking around--we're very laid-back. However, we're all (for the most part) mature, and can be serious. We don't believe in bothering others, we all seem to subscribe to the live-and-let-live policy. We'll help each other out with quests when needed, provide gear when able to, and show friendship at all times. Above all, we're a brotherhood.


Mortisian, Apr 16, 09 8:25 PM.
Gentlemen! I have written up a working copy of guidelines for us to follow, which can be found on the Forums. It isn't traditional BW-fashion to have any rules spelled out, but this helps to ensure that everyone knows how everything should work. Hopefully, this will maximize fairness within our family.

Supreme Chancellor Mort


Mortisian, Jan 19, 08 3:12 AM.
Guys, I added a new poll. I know I've asked the question of many of you while in-game, but I would like to have a record of it here. Please cast a vote as soon as possible so we can start organizing more events.

I know we've never been big in doing large events, but I think it's time to at least start making an attempt. Even if we never have the manpower to do raids, it would be good to start having a designated night for which members know they can get whatever help they need.

Supreme Chancellor Mort


Mortisian, Dec 8, 07 1:25 AM.
Hey guys, please remember to register on the forums.

Supreme Chancellor Mort

Mort Rocks

Mortisian, Dec 7, 07 11:24 PM.
I rule.

That is all.

Supreme Chancellor Mort
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