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Karazhan Here We Come!
Jan 2, 08 7:39 AM
Pizza Ninj?
Dec 10, 07 7:51 PM

Were a guild out of Haomarush looking to get some Phat Lewtz...

Were extremely relaxed and friendly, all of us are willing to help each other level

We are currently in the process of leveling and recruiting, but hopeing to be in Karazhan as soon as possible

We live in 2 towns mainly, one located in southeastern Wisconsin, and another located in New York...However we accept people from anywhere...we don't hate

Feel free to check out the forums and the rest of the site...

Please message Ibiteyou with any questions about the site...

Please message pcs or spc in game about any questions about the guild or recruitment

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Karazhan Here We Come!

539373183_Inactive, Jan 2, 08 7:39 AM.
Alright, so its that time, TIME TO GET KEYED! W00t!

pcs has promised everyone that all 70 are now on help mode, and as soon as you get 70 to call for help getting keyed, he will form up a group and getting going..

For anyone who does not know how to get keyed heres the process

1. Walk to the entrance of Karazhan in southern Deadwind Pass and start the quest
2. Do the two pre-instance quests outside of Karazhan, both are soloable.
3. Head to the instance "Shadow Labyrinth", finish it, and get the first key (You do not need to kill the last boss to get the key).
4. Head back to the entrance of Karazhan and get the quest for the 2nd and 3rd key.
5. Head to Steam Vaults, you will need to go up to the 1st boss, although you do not need to kill her in order to get the key, head into the water, and swim down to near the bottom, the key should be floating somewhere in the water.
6. Head to Arcatraz in Tempest Keep, you will need a flying mount to get there. When you get there clear up to the first boss, the key will be near the first boss (once again you do not need to kill him in order to get the key).
7. Turn in the quest and get the last part of the quest.
8. You will need to do Black Morass, in order to finish the last part, however you will need to finish old Durnhold in order to be attuned for Black Morass...MAKE SURE YOU GRAB THE QUEST IN OLD DURNHOLD...i know, i had to do it 3 times because i forgot to grab it the first 2 times.
9. Complete Black Morass, and turn in the a reward you get a pretty crappy you gain rep. in Karazhan, the ring will increase in how good it is.

BAM you are done, and now keyed for Karazhan

No alternate text supplied.

And by request, heres the Hellfire Ramp. picture

From left to right - Thebaconator, Fightin, Spc, Pcs, Ethr.

Nice job guys!

Pizza Ninj?

539373183_Inactive, Dec 10, 07 7:51 PM.
New site...make an account, start posting on the forums and hit up the polling station..I wanna know how you nubs like the site...

Btw, Lazurile is a pizza ninja...DO NOT LET HIM HAVE YOUR PIZZA...

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