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Elendra1, Apr 17, 08 10:04 PM.
We have a shiny new website! Thanks to Kali/Darniim and Baby for getting it going. Please remember to create an account as soon as you log on.

See you over there!


New Allies!

Elendra1, Mar 2, 08 1:02 PM.
In a world full of danger and malice, a guild needs allies. Luckily we have found an honorable group that we can befriend. La Rasa, long time friends of Wolfsaxon, is now our official allied guild. Dovesaxon, who we know as Momasaxon, is a member of Dawn and La Rasa both, the Ambassador so to speak. They will be running Kara and 25 mans with us. In order to help find groups, we have created a channel for both guilds to join.    /join larasadawn

This is a good place to look for another dps for your 5 mans or whatever. So if you see a La Rasa member say Hola (since they do speak Spanish)

A Change in Leadership

Elendra1, Feb 16, 08 9:52 AM.
I am very proud of all that Dawn has accomplished this past year. We are growing and thriving in the Maelstrom community. I no longer have to spam for membership, people send tells asking to come in! I am so happy to be a part of all of you.

As you might have noticed, Wolfsaxon, long time members of Angels av Tanda and former guild leader of Frozen Alliance, is taking on more and more responsiblilty in the guild. He has a passion for arenas and always loves to raid. Plus he's a reliable person who only has the best interest of the guild at heart.

It was never my intention of having one person run this guild, that leads to burn out for the leader and a stagnent guild. I have decided to step down as guild leader and let Wolfsaxon take a shot at the wheel. He will not do this alone. Myself and Krissanna will be working along side him closely. Also Nelfibadger will continue to lead Karazhan and I think with Wolf we might see more of a passion for raiding (yes even those pesky 25 mans).

So I for one am happy about this and I hope everyone will be supportive. Congrats to Wolfsaxon, guild leader of DAWN, Long live the Wolf!!!!


Lady Elendra

Omen Down!

Elendra1, Feb 9, 08 9:04 AM.
Grats to all Dawnsters for a great night of frolick and Omen killage. We had a meeting in Darnassus in a beautiful little out of the way spot and then headed to Mooonglade for some Lunar festival fun. Pictures soon to follow!

Next we tried to take down  Emeriss in Duskwood with a little help from some friends but alas, we didn't seem to have the right mix for it. Another time, another dragon!

In guild news, congrats to Krissanna, who is now taking over a key leadership role in the guild as co-watcher with Halfuron. Krissanna is a long time Angel who has a crazy schedule. She is going to take over a lot of my duties as a find myself increasingly  busy in real life. She is especially keen on helping our pre 70's during the day.

Also, Nelfibadger/Badgerbender is now taking over the role as raid leader in the guild. He plans on making Kara same time/ same place. Wednesday/Thursday 7ish ST. Be patient because some nights he won't get home until around 8 ST. We had a tough week as many of us are a bit bored with Kara and could not seem to drag ourselves in, but it's nice to take a break and start fresh next week.

5v5 is going storng with a second team, Warlords of Dawn now on the move. Thanks to Darthsaxon for getting this going for us.

Enjoy your week  and make it fun!

Lady Elendra

Guild Happenings

539375111_Inactive, Jan 23, 08 4:19 PM.
Dawn of a New Year and Dawn is here to stay! We have added some great people in the last few weeks. We have set Karazhan for Wednesday and Thursday night around 7ST until further notice. Weekends seem harder for many of us. We are currently on the lookout for 1-2 more tanks and some more magic classes who are interested in raiding. We seem good to go on healers but would never turn any away, especially a resto shaman or druid.

In other great Dawn news, we now have a 5v5 team! Thanks to Wolfsaxon for setting this up! The first week we did really well and are already earning points towards uber gear. Ths team is currently full, but if we have more interested, we will be starting another team. Please talk to Wolf (or Darthsaxon) if you are interested.

Go Angels of Dawn!!!!

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