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~*Welcome To NetherPort Exiles*~

We are a guild that belongs to the realm Scarshield Legion.
We are a very flexible guild, you can say we are a Pve/pvp/Rp Guild.

Atm we are doing Karazhan and prepering alot of members for Karazhan also, we are soon heading
for zul aman wich will be intressting and fun.

We have some Pvp players in this guild, Alot of arena and BG for honor and epics. Premades for Battleground and we also arrange duels where you can bet gold against each other. These duels is 1vs1 or eaither 2vs2 in Gurubish arena, where we someone that can res you back ofc.
This is very fun and many people enoy it.

We role play sometimes to if people want to, but we dont have any good role play ideas atm.

We are a fun guild and we chat alot in the guild chat about everythign, from real life stories, events or if someone just need help with something IRL or just need someone to talk to we are allways listening and try to be open and helpfull the best way we can.

If you intressted to join our guild then whisp Weszaboo or Odikqah.

You surley be invited to our guild.

Otherwise send me a mail at or post a message here.

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