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So Happy

Photobucket Thanks for dropping by the "League of Extraordinary Villains" website. Please fill free to look around. If you are not a member and would like to join up with us please pm  Play Dead or Bravura. Some features are only accessable to memebers only, so please join up and gain access to us. Want to know more about L.E.V. then click the links below:

How do i join L.E.V?

What about the base?

What do i do with salvage?

How does ranking work?

L.E.V. is a Sg on the Liberty sever.  While still young we have major potential
for future plans.  Upcoming is a fully functional base, Events and Contests with prizes,
Outings, parties and Powerleveling and most important a good aray of friends!

If you are a SG Leader and would like to have us join your coalition or have an
Alliance please contact by email on the top left of page, or ingame contact
Play Dead or Bravura.



Must be active within 14 days or you will be considered MIA and up for termination out of the sg. So must be active.

MUST play in SG Mode until lvl 35 then when ever you can after that

Recruit others. The more we have in our sg the more our parties will be fun. Just contact anyone in the sg to invite you to our sg

Play in Parties.  You need to play in parties that are in progress (optional) but helps to be a participant time to time.


Private: 25,000 in prestige and sign up to site.

Corporal: 50,000 in prestige

Specialist: 100,000 in prestige

Captain: 125,000 in prestige and recruitment of 5 new people

**all new characters will have to go through this (even if you have a higher rank character, this is just to keep it fair)** unless otherwise promoted by Bravura himself.


Screen shot Contest

539378153_Inactive, Jul 25, 08 6:05 AM.
    We are going to have a screen shot contest.  Send your entries to the forums and we will take a vote on it as a sg group. I will give the winner 1 mill for the first prize and 500k for second prize.  Make it creative and add in a comment to capture the image.  Look under the image tab at the top to see how to add pictures to the site.  Later guys and good luck.


TOP 100

539378153_Inactive, Jul 6, 08 6:52 PM.
Great Job guys we are moving so fast up the chain on the top 100 sg's of the liberty server.  Just wanted to give a shout out to all of you for all of your hard work to make this possible.  Damn Good Job!!!



539378153_Inactive, Jul 6, 08 6:51 PM.
Thought it would be a great idea to have our own myspace to go along with our great VG "The League of Extraordinary Villains".  I have enough on my plate right now that i need a volunteer to make it, i want updates, links to this site, links to major sites for cov, music, pictures of outings, Contests winners etc.  If you have the desire and the time to build it pls send me an email or pm me in game.


Repel Ball Coming

539378153_Inactive, Feb 19, 08 6:33 AM.
Repell Ball is Coming very soon, Here is some info on how to create your character, how its played, and overall works of the system.

Repel Ball is like soccer, but instead of a ball you kick around a mm's bot/thug/ninja ect.  You start by creating a new character perferably a corrupter, Because by lvl 4 they get the repel power which is used as the "kick" of the mm's bot. So create a new character, a corrupter, and name him like this  <Players ingame Name> -Repel (i.e. Bravura-Repel). This will let us know who we are playing with. Now each sg coalition that The LoEV have should have their chars set up.  Now your sg must raid the LoEV base to use the field, only during raids can you actually repel the mm's bot around the court like the ball.  No attack skills can be used, your object is to repel the mm's bot not kill it "Like soccer".  Now for the leaders of the sg, you need to get a ref in The LoEV's roster. I will give you the rank to accept raids and set up within my sg. Then you can ref the match. By ref that means the MM that is casting "the ball", Dress him up like a ref, black and white sripes to look diff between the two teams. Make sure the ref is a MM. Now that all the chars are set up, Raid the sg and start playing.


1. No Attacking the "ball" MM's bot
2. Decide whos on teams and claim a side White or Black side. (labled on the wall).
3. Teams take your side, if you are white side you are defending the white side and trying to score into the black goal.
4. The ref spawns the ball in the middle of the field and the two teams are at their goal.
5. The ref starts the game and the teams go at it to score in the opposing sides goal.


When a raid is going noone else within the sg's can enter the base so be ready and announce the action of the game in coalition chat for all to see.

Before starting make sure you ahve all the teams ready for a raid and are within the base next to the telport.  So all the repel teams will be in one team, others for spectators or other repel team members in another team. If you are not in the base when the raid starts you can't enter the base.

Raids only last an hour so you can play for that hour or you can play two games lasting 30 mins and switch teams or so on.

Allow others to watch that have never seen a game go down. add them to the teams


Note to coalition leaders: if your sg is wanting to play you must have a ref in my sg (the LoEV) to cast the ball so your teams can play. So pm someone in my sg to add them to the roster.  Make your name for your ref apear like this so i don't kick from roster after inactiveness <Players ingame name> - Repel Ref. (i.e. Bravura-Repel Ref).

Good Luck and have fun all

Repel Ball ! :D

539378153_Inactive, Jan 18, 08 10:12 AM.
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