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Forums : Member Applications > Tapion: Level 80 Retribution/Holy Paladin
Izzydark (Applicant) 5/30/2009 5:12 AM EST : Tapion: Level 80 Retribution/Holy Paladin

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Link to Armory Profile: (changes often because I change specs)
Name:  Tapion
Spec:  Holy/Retribution
Class:  Paladin

Unbuffed Stats (answer all that apply):


HP:  20464
Mana:  6079
AP:  3097
Spell Power:  929
Crit %:  24.08 melee, 21.03 spell
Hit Rating:  227
Haste:  15
Crit Immune:  3.54%
Avoidance:  Dodge 7.64%, parry 6.09%, block 5.44% 


HP:  15224
Mana:  15589
AP:  516
Spell Power:  1879
Crit %:  24.87 melee, 32.76 (Holy) spell
Hit Rating:  0
Haste:  87
Crit Immune:  2.63%
Avoidance:  Dodge 5.03%, parry 5% even, block 5% even

Have you read all of Horde Honor Guard's Policies posted on the website? 


We typically raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 8-12 CST. Raid invites go out at 7:45 CST and all raiders are required to maintain a minimum 75% attendance. Will you be able to make the time and attendance? Will you have any problem sitting out if asked?  

Yes, and no.

Will you inform the guild that you will be gone from the game for any period of time (Vacation, business related travel, etc...)? Do you have any obligations that will keep you from raiding with us on a weekly basis?

Yes, and I may be soon starting a new job, so this may affect things.

Previous guild(s) and why did you leave?

The Hatred; not enough activity (raid-wise or community-wise)

What addon(s) do you use when you raid and why? 

I do not use any add-ons.

Link us a picture of your UI in a raid.


Do you have Ventrilo installed and a working microphone?  

No, and yes.

Tell us what you do to prepare for a raid (progression and farm content). 

I'm a bit new and don't understand this question.

For your specific role, list what consumables you would bring to the raid and why. 

If I were healing, I would bring [item type="preload"]Runic Mana Potion[/item] and[item type="preload"]Potion of Speed[/item] in case need arises. For DPS-ing, I may bring a[item type="preload"]Flask of Endless Rage[/item] or two.

In patch 3.1 duel-spec will be released. What will be your "duel-spec" and why?

My dual-spec has been Holy since its release.

Do you have a stable internet connection and avoid major lag issues during raids?

Yes. Although I was experincing some unbearable lag about a week ago, it seems to have been fixed.

List your raiding experience; feel free to include pre-BC and pre-WotLK:

I have very little raid experience, I have raiding Obisidian Sanctum 3 times: 2 regular and one Heroic.

Why are you applying to Horde Honor Guard, why should we be interested in recruiting you?

I'm applying because, honestly, I'm a bit of a fanboy; I've known of HHG since my days leveling, even back to the first month I started playing WoW. I should be recruited because I believe I would fit in well with its prestegious community and have a lot to offer in terms of raiding. casual, and even personal help.

What are your goals as a player, and why do you raid?  

I don't really have rock-solid goals, simply because if I did and I reached them, the game wouldn't be very much fun anymore! But I tend to gain admiration for classes every once-in-a-while, and when I do, I'll constantly level a character of mine of that class (or make one). I'm not very big on raiding, but if I did, it would be to help the guild or gain better equipment.

Tell us about yourself, the more the better. 

My name is Anthony, I'm currently a senior in high school for about 2 more weeks, when I will be graduating, I'm 17 years old and live in northern Virginia. I love video games, especially Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man, and Anime, the Dragon Ball  trilological series being my favorite. I'm in a wonderful relationship with a woman I met around two years ago on Maple Story (an MMORPG I used to play that I cannot begin to describe the pointlessness of) and we've been dating for almost as long. I'm currently unemployed, although I've never been officially employed, possibly due to the economical difficulties we're having here in U.S.A. I'm usually logged on WoW for a majority of the day, as long as I'm not doing something with a higher priority.  If there's anything else you'd like to know, feel free to ask; and keep in mind I'm not easily offended.

Anything else you feel is important to include:

My Hydraxian characters are(in order of level):  Tapion (80 paladin) Izzydark (70 warlock) Blacks (65 death knight) Cloaked (54 rogue) Nosoul (39 twink rogue) Hellhorns (38 druid) Izzyglow (32 mage) Xk (32 hunter) Légend (26 warrior, currently leveling) and Raijinn (23 shaman). 

I'm not particually interested in raiding, but if I can help I'd be happy to. I'm also willing to run others' alts through instances, given I'm not busy.


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