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• Raid Spreadsheet •
The guild's raid spreadsheet containing raid history, raider attendadnce, loot distribution, etc.

• Guild WowWebStats •
The guild's combat log statistic analyzer, contains highly detailed info on logged raids.

WotLK Progression

Ulduar  9/14
Naxxramas  15/15
Sartharion  1/1
Malygos  1/1


Ulduar  7/14
Naxxramas  15/15
Sartharion  1/1
Malygos  1/1

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Key Add-Ons
Ventrilo Client
* Required voice-over-ip communication program. Extremely vital everyone can hear leaders and field commands during raids.
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elcome to the official website for <Horde Honor Guard>

The Horde Honor Guard is a proud horde endgame raiding guild on the Hydraxis realm, focused on building quality teams to experience the full range of content available in World of Warcraft. Our organization thrives on friendly cooperation helping each other towards common goals. We strive to foster a mature community of online friends with a pleasant atmosphere where all can have fun and advance without pressure.

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25M Heroic Boss Graveyard
Kologarn The Iron Council Auriaya
Ignis the Furnace Master XT-002 Deconstructor Razorscale
Flame Leviathan    
Malygos Sartharion  
Kel'Thuzad Sapphiron Thaddius
Gluth Grobbulus Patchwerk
The Four Horsemen Gothik the Harvester Instructor Razuvious
Maexxna Grand Widow Faerlina Anub'Rekhan
Loatheb Heigan the Unclean Noth the Plaguebringer

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