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Guild/Raiding Policy
Horde Honor Guard's core guild/raiding policies

Guild Ranks:
  • Suspended — Used for those on vacations due to RL*
  • Private — Reserved for new recruits and alts
  • Member — Family members and friends (not a candidate to raid**)
  • Raider — Backbone of the guild, here for end game content, gearing to raid; not raiding to gear
  • Officer — GM's eyes and ears for the better of the guild; more responsibilities will be addressed in later memos.
  • Raid Leader — One lonely soul responsible for raid setup, boss strategies, etc…Has full control over the raid!!!
  • Co-GM or GM — Master Looter/responsible for overseeing Loot Council/Keeps track of raid attendance and loot distribution
* - All vacations should be posted on the guild calendar before hand, (at least 48 hr notice) so the guild has time to prepare for your absence.
** - Family members and friends can participate in raids, but they will have to consult with officers if they plan on establishing raid status.

Guild Bank Access:
  • Suspended — No access
  • Private — Tab 1 (two withdraws max)
  • Member — Tab 1 & 2 (two withdraws max)
  • Raider — Tab 1, 2, 3 & 4 (two withdraws max)
  • Officer Alt — Tab 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 (two withdraws max)
  • Officer — Tab 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 (two withdraws max)
  • Raid Leader — Tab 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 (two withdraws max)
  • Co-GM — Tab 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 (four withdraws max)
  • GM — Master Access to all tabs
IMPORTANT: If your account gets hacked it is your responsibility to alert the guild ASAP, so we may remedy your guild bank access.

Guild bank funds may be used to purchase materials for resistance sets, repairs for raiders, and respecs done for the guild.

All information below is for 25 man raids come WotlK

Attendance: (policies for attendance can be changed at GM convenience for the better of the guild)
  • 75% attendance is minimum requirement for Raiders to receive loot*
  • All Raiders online who do not get an invite will be given double attendance for that night**
  • Raiders who are swapped in and out for a boss encounter will both be given credit for attendance, but will not receive double attendance for the persons stepping out or waiting to get in
  • Raiders who ask to be replaced for a raid will be given zero attendance
* - If you have less than 75% attendance you can roll on an item, but may only be considered if no persons with 75% attendance or better shows interest in the item.
** - Once attendance has been noted and the raid has started, anyone not participating in the raid can do as they wish and will not be penalized unless informed that you will be needed later in the raid.
*** - Typical Raid Times = Tues, Wed, & Thurs 8-12 server (always subject to change, please keep eyes on raid calendars). Mon & Fri - Nax25 optional gearing raid.

Also, raid attendance and loot distribution will be posted on the website.

Loot Council:

See loot council system posted at the bottom of this page

Offsets will only be /rolled on if no one in the raid including a recruit wants the item for a main set. Offset items will not be counted as part of a player's loot count.


Recruits will be on recruit status for a period of 2 weeks. During this time they will need to maintain 100% attendance for raids. While they will not get into every raid they are online for, their attendance will be counted as if they were in the raid. After the 2 week period is up, the guild will have the option to promote you to raid status or release you from the guild.

As a recruit you can /roll on an item, but may only be considered if no Raider or Member wants the item for Main set.

For loot distribution purposes Recruits who have reached Raid status will be treated as having the average amount of loot received by other raiders in their role.


The raiding core of HHG should consist of no more than 32 raiders. With a group this small we create a close nit group with plenty of opportunities to raid and get loot distributed to a smaller number of people. I believe everyone is looking for a mature and friendly atmosphere. This will be a drama free guild. When HHG partcipates in a guild co-op for progression, our total raid core will be 32 dependable raiders to allow for enough of the co-op team to participate.

The spec you apply to the guild with is what we will be using to distribute loot to you. If you applied for a healing position, do not show up in a dps spec or prot spec expecting to raid. We understand people get tired of playing a certain spec, if you wish to change your spec for raids please give us ample time to find a replacement and see if we can find a suitable spot for you in the current spec you wish to play. Thankfully with the new spell power change, healers can go dps and dps can go healing with a simple change of specs, but please give us time to ask around.

Raiding Expectations:

As an established Raider in HHG you are obligated to have the required add-ons, be on vent and in the correct channel during raids, show up with plenty of pots, elixirs, flask, food buffs, runes, etc…(this is subject to change come ex-pack) read up on boss encounters and trash if the information is available and maintain the 75% attendance. During loot distribution please do not spam raid chat with dps charts or other information that will slow down the looting process. Please have the integrity to inform us ahead of time that you will be gone from the game for any extended period of time.

Raiders will have more access to guild bank tabs and more withdraws. For this reason, there is a certain level of trust given to Raiders. Please do not abuse the privileges for your own greed. Feel free to deposit and withdraw mats for the raiding team and for your raiding requirements. If you are caught selling items on AH or in Trade channel you will be demoted and possibly kicked from the guild.

As Raiders we all have certain professions and farming techniques that could benefit the guild. You do not have to farm mats for the raiding core, but every contribution helps. Officers, Raid Leaders and GM will be keeping an eye out on those individuals that contribute. If someone wants to start an in guild market for potions, gems, etc… I do not see a problem with that, as long as you are respectful and fair in your business affairs.


Officers need to be online as often as they can and definitely put in their input on what the guild needs to do to keep raiding smoothly. From the new officers each person will be solely responsible for one job as well as keeping an eye out on the guild. If any problems arise when the GM is not online or when the GM is busy conducting other business an officer should step up and handle the situation at hand in a respectful manner. All officers need to have the ability to lead a raid. Majority of the time our Raid Leaders will be leading us, but other officers will need to step up if a Raid Leader is not available to lead us. Officers are the role models of the guild, they must show up on time, come to each raid prepared and read up on the boss encounter. (Come expansion more responsibilities will be posted, as for now these two spots should be filled when the time comes)

Recruitment Officer: Reaxx

One of the guild officers will be responsible for talking to new recruits based off the applications submitted on the website. They will go over what is expected from them as new recruits (see recruits) and then later on as Raiders. This person will have the final say when it comes down to future members joining the guild as a recruit. We cannot overstock our ranks for raids, if this happens too many people get left behind in gear. Apps will be posted on the forums so raiders have the opportunity to say what they know about a current applicant. This will help in selecting members for the raiding core. With this being said, not every person who applies should be allowed in the guild. We need to first make sure we have room for them, doesn't matter how skilled or geared they are. There is no reason to have someone join just to sit them out and we cannot let new members get more playing time than veteran members, just because they are better skilled and/or geared.

Raid Leaders: Fatlip, Necrominion, Triformer

Two of the guild officers will also need to take up the position as a Raid Leader. Before invites go out the GM or Co-GM will select one of the two raid leaders to conduct the raid for the night, thus giving sole authority to one person for the evening. In this position he will be 100% responsible for leading raids, boss encounters and forming the raid based on what class is needed for each encounter. He will also be the only person to ask people to sit out so we may rotate people in. The Raid Leader is in total control of the raid, he should schedule in breaks, keep the raid moving while Loot Council is deciding on gear, mark targets, and be the primary person talking on vent (not to say we can't all have fun on vent, but as far as progression goes everyone needs to be very attentive).

Loot Council Officer: Coletrickle

The Loot Council Officer will pick four volunteers from the raiding team each month to participate in loot distribution. He will track attendance; loot awarded and helps interpret the guidelines for the council. Each night after the raid he will update the attendance and loot roster to the website, so everyone may see their status. The GM or Co-GM will oversee the loot council and their decisions to maintain that there is no favoritism.


Members of the loot council will be volunteers from the guild raiding core. You must have a mic to be apart of the council, a lot of the decisions will be made on vent in a secure channel. Five members of the raiding core will be selected for Loot Council. To prevent favoritism the council will have some guidelines to go by such as guild rank, attendance, and recent loot awarded. If all requirements are considered even then the loot council will determine who receives the item by biggest upgrade or /roll.

GM/Co-GM will be in the Loot Council channel to oversee the distribution process and answer any questions the loot council has.

Loot council System:

In order to provide for a more uniform and unbiased loot distribution, a Loot Council will be responsible for awarding loot to members of the guild. The members of the council will be picked by The Loot Council Officer from a pool of volunteers from the guild.

Members of the council have the following responsibilities.
  1. During raids, members must be in the chat channel that has been set up by the council.
  2. Tracking raid attendance.
  3. Tracking loot awarded.
  4. Making decisions which classes an item is most appropriate for based on the item's stats and abilities.
  5. Making decisions on who should receive loot based on the info they have gathered during previous and current raids.
When a boss is dropped and looted, the loot will be linked in raid chat by the master looter. Loot will be handed out in the order that it is linked. Each person who is interested in a particular piece of loot will let the loot council know via raid chat by /roll. You have approximately 10 seconds to let the Loot council know that you want the item. Once the interested parties have let the council know, they will use the following criteria to determine who will get the item.

When appropriate, the loot council may bar certain classes from receiving an item if the council, after viewing the item, decides that it is not appropriate for that class. This decision will be made prior to looking at the other determining factors (recruit status, attendance, and recent loot) and once made, will be in effect each and every time that a piece of loot drops.

Guild Rank

A person's rank in the guild will be considered when we distribute loot. Priority loot distribution will go to Raider > Member > Recruit > ALT Main Set > Off Set. Exception: Alts get main set priviledges when they are specifically asked to take their main out of a run in favor of an alt needed for the run.

Above will be the guild's standing on gear distribution for 25 man raids. Ideal situation will be to avoid bringing in alts and losing a good geared player/toon unless a specific role (.ie healer, dps or tank) is lacking for the night then we will consider bringing in alts.

  1. Attendance is determined by being on time and available for a raid. Raid invites officially go out at 7:45 server. All guild members online at this time will be given full credit for attendance. Attendance will be tracked as a percentage.
    1. If an individual is offered a raid spot and they decline, they will not be given credit for attendance.
    2. If an individual is online at 8:00 server and has previously informed the guild that they will be unable to raid that day, they will not be given credit for attendance.
    3. If an individual is late, but has previously informed the guild that they will be late to the raid they will be given credit, provided they are not more then 15 minutes late.
    4. Leaving a raid early, will be tracked the same as not showing up.
    5. Extended or excessive AFKs will be treated the same as if the person was absent for the raid.
  2. For purposes of determining who receives a piece of loot, the loot members of the loot council will look at each interest person's attendance percentage.
    1. Individuals will be considered Equal in attendance if the difference in their attendance percentage is not greater then 5%.
Recent Loot
  1. The loot council will take into consideration the loot that an individual has recently received. Class specific items are considered exempt from a players loot total. These include Librams, relics and idles.
  2. Any item to be used in a person's primary raid role, will count towards an individuals loot count unless they allow the item to default to off set and win the roll. This includes items that
    1. Are considered side grades by the player
    2. Are being taken just to "try out" or to "play around with"
  3. Epic BoP patterns that create BoE items will not count towards an individuals loot count. These items will always be given to the people with the highest attendance ratings, with some consideration given to if people already have a pattern.
  4. Epic BoE patterns that create BoP items will be counted towards an individuals loot count if it fits the above mentioned criteria.
    If the loot council is unable to make a determination based upon people's attendance and recent upgrades, they will look who the item is a bigger upgrade for.

    If at that point the loot council is still unable to make a determination, then the item will be decided using a /roll by all interested parties. This is to prevent the council from awarding loot based on favoritism when all other things are equal.

    In the event that a member of the council is not attending a raid, any officer will act as a member of the Loot council.

    If someone disagrees with the decision of the council, the appropriate time to voice this concern would be following the raid. Disagreements should be made directly to the GM or the Raid Leader, who will share this concern with the council. It will not be considered appropriate for an individual to voice these concerns directly to the council as it might create a bias and affect future decisions.

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