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The Holy Order
  Go here for the new, updated, guild website:

The forums are at

Guild Website Almost Done!

539380511_Inactive, Mar 10, 08 1:29 PM.

There it is folks, the pinnacle of all guild websites! Go on it!

Officer Apps are no longer being accepted.

539380511_Inactive, Feb 13, 08 2:09 PM.
Officer Applications are no longer being accepted, we already have 5. Sorry for anyone interested, but once we get this guild started, and you prove yourself, I will consider it.

Something funny happened

539380511_Inactive, Feb 10, 08 7:06 PM.
Something funny happened today. I was asked,"Have you seen BDA? They have 130 members already, and we only have 20. Your opinions?"

I replied," BDA is a flat out raiding guild. We are a raiding/family compilation guild. We want quality, not quantity. In a hardcore raiding guild like that, you want quantity over quality. There is no doubt in my mind that they have more people, but I was told about 15 out of those 130 have been banned as a result of spamming, and they expect to have atleast 10 not show up. That leaves it to 105, which is still massive compared to us, but you know what? I am not concerned. I am here for fun, not for power. I respect BDA, but that is not a way I would do a guild. Mischief and Mayhem has around 60 members, so it looks like at this point M&M and BDA are going to be the more populated guilds on this server, with us as a distant third, which isn't bad. The way I run a guild is have quality members, and through reputation we will get more members. I guarantee it."

Quality, not quantity people. If you want an uber raiding guild that raids 5 days a week, and farms raids, this isn't the guild for you. If you want a guild that has all quality members, that know their roles, respect each other, and raids all content at all levels once or twice a week, this is the guild for you.

All my respect goes out for the other guilds of EQClassic, though.

Progress Since the Start

539380511_Inactive, Feb 9, 08 11:26 AM.
Congrats all new members of THO. Without all of our unparalleled determination, this guild wouldn't have been as great as it has been today, even if the adventures haven't even begun.

I just want to make an update of what I have done with the guild since it's start.

-I first made this guildportal, edited it, and told the basic story and outline of the guild. Letendeth made the banner, and suggested the looks of the guildportal.

-I then started to recruit. I received a lot of interest and an influx of new members.

-I came up with the GRLS (Guild Raid Loot System), and basic guild forum rules.

-Guild officer recruiting has begun, so far I have four very well, qualified, and experienced candidates, but I feel only two out of the four are going to get the job for now. We will see.

-I have begun starting to create the new website, which is going to be amazing. I promise.

What needs to be done:

-Decide who is going to be the two guild officers (won't decide until the server opens).

-Come up with basic guild rules & guidelines.

-Finish the website. I admit, it is going to take awhile, but I would rather have a masterpiece website then a piece of garbage. The guildportal is fine for now.

-Recruit more. I encourage everyone to drag your friends to the EQClassic server and have them join THO. I will gladly take my time off to help them with whatever and I am sure others of the guild will too.

Thank you guys!

Permanent Website Being Created

539380511_Inactive, Feb 3, 08 1:12 PM.
There are numerous problems with the official THO Guild Portal. There have been hackers, spammers, and people not related to the guild posting inappropriate content, therefore I have decided that I am designing an official THO website that will have it's own URL. This way we will have more flexibility in what we can do with the website, and will have a better experience.

Right now, if you are interested in helping me design it, and are familiar with website creation, please send me a message, or email me at
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