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Welcome to Incendiary Minds
We are a family based guild with an emphasis on fun. We believe in helping others through friendship and grouping. We do want to continue to grow and encourage all our members to invite those of a kindred spirit.


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The Guild Website Is Now Paid For And Fully Featured And Functional For The Next Six Months

Jikshaiz, Aug 11, 08 8:45 AM.
Hi ya Fellow Guildies;

     I am VERY pleased and happy to announce that recently Rosieposie has paid the fee to keep this website fully functioning and featured for the next six months.  Just for information's sake the fee to keep this website from becoming gimped and crippled is only $40 USA dollars for SIX months of premiere status service; its not a very large fee at all.

     Because of this great news, I urge everyone in the guild to again start to use this website as an aid to enhance their enjoyment of the game of Everquest.  Please get the word out to all the members of the guild that the guild website is up and running again so you may all enjoy all the great features that this website has to offer; I am sure this website will enhance your game playing fun.

     I have also sent a mass mailing of an ingame email to the entire guild to inform them of this new development.  In that email are detailed instructions on how to obtain member access to the website, (I will not say how to do that here because NON guildies can read this article, and I only want guild members to be able to access the members only section of this website), as well instructions on how to get started using the website again.

     I hope people in the guild make good use of this website over the next six months.  Once again THANKS SO MUCH Rosieposie for financially supporting the guild, and for being an overall GREAT officer.

Jikshaiz Sslitherer
Guild Leader of Incendiary Minds

Incendiary Minds Welcomes our Newest Guild Officers and We Also Say a Fond Farewell to Those Officers Who Left

Jikshaiz, Aug 10, 08 3:21 PM.
Hi ya Fellow Guildies;

     Over the last four months there has been a major push on my part to expand the number and the responsibilities of officers in the guild.  I am now working to delegate more authority, and responsibilities, to the officers and to use the leader position more to manage and coordinate logistics.  To restate I am devolving authority more and I am working on micromanaging the guild less.

     As such many guild officers have arrived...and a few have left.. and maybe one or two have come AND left in the last 4 months.  What follows is a short litany.  Bawchickawawa has left the guild to start the "doomed Justice" guild with her husband; sadly she will be missed.  But Rosieposie has replaced Bawchickawawa as the new guild morale officer thanks rosie.

     Runsforlife became an officer and worked VERY hard for awhile but when a real life friend asked him to help try and revive the Darkova guild from the brink, he left to help there... but his alt waitsforend remains an officer in the hope that he might just return here...(I like his work ethic when he gets motivated he gets MOTIVATED).

     Enignok became an officer within the last four months too and works hard ...he is Rosieposie's husband.  He also voted himself as the "employee of the month" for a few months.. I thought that was funny by the way.

     Phyre continues to be a LOYAL and motivated raid leader and is holding up well to the disappointment of a temporary lack of interest in raiding, she also has her alt Vyxen tagged as an officer.  Flambe and Starhawks are hanging in there as well that is good... despite the fact that Starhawks works 16 hours a day in real life...ARGH.

     In the pipeline there are also a few officer applicants, but I will only say more about them once they become officers.  I am sure you will be reading more about these as of yet nameless persons soon in an upcoming Incendiary minds news article.

     I will repeat something now as this is IMPORTANT... As I said in the news article immediately below this one, I can NOT run a big organization like this totally on my own... I NEED good officers or else nothing meaningful can get done.  As such I salute all of the hard working officers without whom I could never achieve much of anything.. You are all indispensable and I deeply appreciate and respect all of you.  Thanks for helping to make Incendiary Minds a great guild and for helping to grow this guild into even something more wonderful. 

     Oh .. and if I forgot any officer who entered the guild in the last 4 months or who left the guild in the last 4 months PLEASE by all means correct my oversight in the comments section of this news atticle.  Cya all in game soon )))).

Jikshaiz Sslitherer
Guild Leader of Incendiary Minds

News For The Months of April, May, June and July of 2008

Jikshaiz, Aug 10, 08 2:48 PM.
Hi ya Fellow Guildies;

     Over the past few months the Guild Website has fallen into disuse mainly because most of the features of this website will not work if the website is not paid for.  But I am now happy to announce that Rosieposie has recently paid for this website to be fully featured for six months.  Thanks Rosie.  For more information on this development please see the first news article at the top of this homepage.  Now that the website is no longer crippled it is my intent to update the news articles on a more frequent basis and maybe I might go back to doing one News article per month Just like I used to do.  We will see, but I am lazy so LOL.

     In general guild news, the guild is doing well but things have changed.  The guild is doing less raiding now but we seem to have a much more stable membership base and more members.  The good news is the members seem more loyal and happy and the turn over and retention of good guild members is much less of a problem than it was before.  My feeling is people have fun here and stay.  We have more toons in the guild and they seem happy and are staying in the guild.  The downside is there is less raiding interest from the membership at present.

     I will now elaborate about the raiding situation.  Recently the game has changed and many of the old expansion zones have been unlocked up to and including the Prophecy of Ro expansion.  In my opinion this is the main reason why there is a lack of interest in raiding at present.  There seems to be not much interest in raiding old zones with not so hot loot if you do not get anything like a flag or something like a nice piece of gear for doing the raid.  It is because of this "practical" reason that raid attendance is down in my opinion.  I for one like to raid just for entertainment value; I like to raid the old stuff just for fun.  I hope there will be more interest in retroraiding in the future, though, at least until the guild gets to the point where we can do REAL raiding in the last few expansions that still have locked content, but for now with the new change in the game... raiding old content might be hard to get attendance for...oh well.

     But don't get me wrong though, over the last few months we have done quite a bit of raiding.  We have done Two shroud raids to try and kill vox and naggy, and I have to say those raids were a BIG challenge and great practice of raid skills.  We also did some epic raids days and got several people epic pieces.  Phyre in fact received her epic 2.0 and Flambe got his epic 1.5 done too.  We did several Planes of power raids including killing a named in the plane of air.. not the minis we hoped for but it was fun, (someday I want to get the Xegony of the few keys still "locked" in the PoP expansion).  I am also sure there were other raid events we did that I can not remember off hand.  If anyone remembers an event I left out you may write an addendum in the comments section on this news article.

     In allied Raiding news the Ring of Steel raid club continues its march to do significant raid events for the weekend warrior on most Saturday afternoons.  But because of the sea change in the game concerning the unlocking of zones there have been some changes in the way the RoS raid club does things as well.  Mostly the RoS raid club has been raiding the Citadel of Anguish in the Omens of War expansion to farm loot as that zone is now unlocked, and since most top end guilds do not farm anguish anymore.  Also Ros has been doing lots of Dragons of norath farming short of the final Vishimtar battle as those also are not on farm status in the uber guilds anymore.  Finally RoS has been working on helping people get flagged and keyed for the final expansions as that is useful but RoS has not been raiding anything "big" in those said expansions as too many uber guilds farm the zones and not enough people would attend those raids due to lockouts.  As a disclaimer this is just my opinion of the state of things in RoS ..if I am wrong feel free to correct me in the comments section below...RoS is doing well raiding once a week and is adjusting well to the unlocking of most raid content in the old expansions. As always any Incendiary Minds member level 65+ or sometimes 60+ can attend events with this raiding club.    

     As a final note on the state of Incendiary Minds guild at present, the guild now has more motivated and hard working officers and as such we as a guild can do more for the guildies as we have a more robust command and control structure set up to aid our membership.  In my opinion the best way to make a guild, (or a business for that matter), successful is to get many people motivated to contribute to the guild as officers ...(or as managers if this were an ordinary business.)  Now adays we have more motivated officers who work hard and even one who spent money to get this website back up.  I must point out that I can NOT do anything meaningful without the help of others so I am grateful to all my officers.  You guys are the best.

     The main points I hope you take away from this article is low level raiding is now harder due to a change in the game made by Sony, but we are adjusting to it.  This guild has many more members on game and they seem happy and stay with the guild longer, and I now have found some loyal and hard working officers.... oh and the guild website works now too lol.  So all in all the guild is doing much better over the last four months.  Lets hope with a few more officers we can start doing raids again regularly... I miss raiding lol
    Cya all in game soon.  I look forward to writing another news article for your reading pleasure soon ))))

Jikshaiz Sslitherer
Guild Leader of the Incendiary Minds Guild

Incendiary Minds Now has Two Open Positions For New Guild Officers

Jikshaiz, Aug 10, 08 1:46 PM.
Hi ya Everyone;

      With the loss of several of the old officers in this guild there are now two openings for the position of Incendiary Minds guild officers and ANY person who is motivated to contribute to this guild is invited to apply for this position.  If you are interested in becoming an Officer in Incendiary Minds please send me, Jikshaiz, an in game email.  Please note that this position is ALSO open to those who are not currently an Incendiary Minds member but who would like to actively lead events and run raids and other fun activities for Incendiary Minds members as described in the job description below.

     The job description for being an Incendiary Minds Officer is simple.  There are Two requirements to DO and one requirement for DON'T's.  Applying officers are EXPECTED to:

     1. Recruit 1 new member a week, (alts of existing members do not count   to this tally and any level toon is welcome and will count towards this number).

     2. The applying officer is expected to run some sort of guild event at LEAST once a week, (this can be as fancy as a raid or as simple as an impromptu guild grouping to do as a guild team).

     The one don't is:

     1. The guild officer is expected to NOT bitch, moan and complain about how bad things are and attempt to push their responsibilities off on someone else.  The guild officer must DO SOMETHING to help out NOT COMPLAIN as complaining does not grow a guild or make people happy. 

     These requirements for new officers are not overly time intensive. It's an easy job actually. Just invite 1 new person a week, stop your own push for personal gain ONCE A WEEK to give to others in this guild, (in some small form) and do not complain, TAKE CHARGE and make something happen.

     I hope to see all ambitious and motivated people apply.

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