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Alt/Low Levels Guild
Sep 1, 09 6:29 AM
Quest Help box on Homepage
Dec 23, 08 5:56 AM
To The Shadow Order Guild
      We are a "no presssure", "just want to have fun" guild! Contrary to popular belief, we know there is life outside of wow. Our main objective is that people just have fun because that's what it's all about! What we want to do is to provide a happy helpful guild that covers everyone's preferences, whether that be raiding, pvp, soloing, instance groups, or whatever else you might like, and are working to be able to provide that over time.
character names
Go to the top of the menu bar on the home page and select characters and settings, a new page will appear.
On this page click on add new character, another page appears.
First click in the box that says character name and add your character's name, then click on the blue downward pointing arrow, on the right of the game box and select world of warcraft. Then click on the downward arrow next to server and select runetotem, making sure you do not select the European server. Now you will see your character name, the game and the server. Beneath that you will see a tab saying add character, click on this tab. A new screen appears showing your character name and the game. Beside your name, you will see a blue edit tab, click this tab. New screen appears. Click on the tab saying manage guild associations. An extra box appears showing the guilds that you are associated with. The Shadow order should be there, (you can only proceed to this point until your membership has been approved and then you will have to return to this point) click in the box beside the shadow order so that a check box appears, then press save. If you've done this correctly, a red word SAVE will appear. This means you've been successful, so far. Close this box and then on the screen that's showing click save general info. You have now successfully added your character name or to the guild website. If you have any additional characters, please add those as well. You need to do every step of these instructions to get your names to appear correctly in the guild listings on the web page, this is very important or we will not know who's characters are associated with your login name, thankyou.
Other Guild News

Alt/Low Levels Guild

Moonbeam, Sep 1, 09 6:29 AM.
We have started a second guild, The Shadows Retreat, for our alts that we are not currently levelling and for our lower level members to have a home while levelling up to a level where we can bring them into the main guild, we suggest all members get the addon guild2guild, so you can see the chat from both guilds, this will also allow us to have more than the 500 cap currently placed upon us, new members joining TSO at a low level, will be asked to get the addon and be moved to the second guild while they level up :) more details on the forums page in the general discussion topic headingĀ 

Quest Help box on Homepage

Moonbeam, Dec 23, 08 5:56 AM.
When you have selected a quest in the quest help box, to get back to the list, select a different page from the tabs at the top of the home page (forums/roster etc) then return to the home page
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Recommended Levels

                                               Quest Level   Min require

Ahn'Kahet:The Old Kingdoms       76-80          73-80                     
Auchenhai Crypts                         67-70          64-70   
Azjol-Nerub                                  74-80          72-80
Blackfathoms Deeps                    22-27          17-27
Blackrock Depths                         52-60          48-60
Blackrock Spire                            59-60          55-60
Caverns of Time                          66-70          66-70
Coilfang Reservoir                       65-70          62-70
Dead Mines                                 17-22          14-15
Dire Maul                                     57-60          54-60
Drak'Tharon Keep                       74-80          72-80
Gnomeregan                               27-35          20-35
Gundrak                                      78-80          74-80
Halls of Lightning                          80             77-80
Halls of Stone                             78-80          76-80
Hellfire Ramparts                        62-70          59-70
Magister's Terrace                        70                70
Mana-Tombs                               66-70          64-70
Maraudon                                   42-51             39
Old Hillsbrad Foothills                 68-70             66
Ragefire Chasm(Horde)                16                 9
Razorfen Downs                         35-42             28
Razorfen Krawl                           26-30             20
Scarlet Monastery                      33-42             25
Scholomance                              58-60             52
Sethekk Halls                             69-70             65
Shadow Labyrinth                       70                 68
Shadowfang Keep(Horde)          25-27             16
Stratholme                                   60                52
The Culling of Stratholme             80                78
Sunken Temple                           50-60            38
Tempest Keep                             70                 67
The Arcatraz                                70                 67
The Black Morass                        70                  66
The Blood Furnace                     63-70              59
the Botanica                                70                 70
The Mechanar                              70                 70
The Nexus                                  71-80             68
The Oculus                                   80                 77
The Shattered Halls                     70                 66
the Slave Pens                             70                 70
the Steamvault                             70                 67
The Stockade                              25-29             16
The Underbog                             65-70             63
The Violet Hold                            77-80             75
Uldaman                                      35-47             30
Utgarde Keep                              71-80             68
Utgarde Pinnicle                             80               78
Wailing Caverns                           16-26            10
Zul'farrak                                      45-50            40

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