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Formation of ranks: Recruiting
Dec 20, 07 5:42 PM
~A Fight To End Them All...~

Welcome, fellow CAST. The time of reckoning has come upon us. and our numbers lay scattered and confused. The Illuminus have certainly dealt a grave blow to our military might, but we shall not give up!

Unit Alpha remains mostly intact, despite the few SEED infections a few of my comrades have contracted. We now need others to replace their ranks, and to restore the power of our military. In doing this, is the only way we can assault the Illuminus, and end this perversion of the CAST!

Join with me, and let us grow in strength.
       For united we stand,
               Divided we fall.

Formation of ranks: Recruiting

539393159_Inactive, Dec 20, 07 5:42 PM.
Those who still retain their CAST pride, and integrity. We shall be holding a recruiting fair at the PPT station in the remaining portion of the gaurdians colony at approximately 20:00 hours three times a week. (monday, wednesday, and friday. at 10pm)

Any who wish to be recruited and show the proper potential, as well as the ability to follow orders correctly, will be brought to train, and eventually inducted into the Unit Alpha Ranks. All who are capable should head to the designated Rendezvous point at the appropriated time. that is all.

~Signing off,
 Lt. Commander Keiretsu Saizo
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