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Mag Down
Jun 2, 08 6:50 AM
What we're working on
May 25, 08 10:36 PM
New Class Leaders
Mar 28, 08 8:04 AM
ZA Raid back
Feb 15, 08 6:51 AM
HK bites the dust....Gruul your number is up!
Dec 21, 07 3:24 PM

Welcome Blood Tide Surfers!!!

    Thanks for stopping by to check out what Blood Tide Surfers is all about.  We are a casual raiding guild that enjoys each others company, as well as progressing through end game content.  We currently have Karazhan on farm as well as progressing through ZA, and have cleared Gruuls.  Thanks for stopping by!

Check out: 

Congratz to all the new Class Leaders in the News

Class Stat Expectations for Raiding and Raid Team News in the Forums.

MAGTHERIDON DOWN!?!?!?!??!!!!?!

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Other Guild News

Mag Down

539404879_Inactive, Jun 2, 08 6:50 AM.
Mag is down and the video is ready at sanity's myspace.

Another quick note is that I am limited to 100mb so I'm faced with the option of providing crapy quality or shorter videos. Here I just cut out a lot of the rinse and repeat in the middle and came out with 4.75 of the total 12 minute fight. In the future I've decided to cut out a little less by speeding up the fight a bit.

What we're working on

539404879_Inactive, May 25, 08 10:36 PM.
Here is the boss we're working on.

New Class Leaders

539477540_Inactive, Mar 28, 08 8:04 AM.
I want to thank all that volunteered for Class Leadership here is the new list of Class Leaders.


These are awesome people that can help you with class questions, access gbank, specs etc.  i have given the Class Leaders the ability to invite and gkick as well.  In addition to the class Leaders please remember we have Raid Leaders and every other officer that will be more than happy to help or direct your questions.  For Hunters or Paladin questions since i do not have class leaders assinged you can contact, Stove, Pyrathos, Tianna and Lagwagon (all officers as well)  I also play many classes and would be happy to assist all I can. 

Again congratz!!!


ZA Raid back

The Lag In the Wagon, Feb 15, 08 6:51 AM.
ZA Raid forming please visit ZA forum if interested.

HK bites the dust....Gruul your number is up!

Sweethit, Dec 21, 07 3:24 PM.

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