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Dublin Farm Mish
May 18, 09 11:28 AM
New goals
Feb 16, 09 3:45 PM
Nov 6, 08 1:52 PM
Jun 14, 08 12:55 AM
Dec 28, 07 12:15 PM
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No alternate text supplied. Hello ladies. It seems we have gotten distant. I have had my account reactivated and Fury is coming online next week. It seems a shame for Kyrt to have removed all those nasty advertisments and then have our group kind of fade away. I would like to try to get us together some for some runs of villiany. In 15 days  one of us will be promoted to leader. I would appreciate if that person could repromote me and Fury since we had to leave due to some personal hardships. I am also hoping we can really crank out some prestige so we can improve our base. Let me know what kind of schedules you all have.
Dublin's News

Dublin Farm Mish

The Seductress, May 18, 09 11:28 AM.
Hello Ladies,
 Thanks to the new Arc system I have created a farm mish to help Power level characters and get those precious tickets. The mission number is 177655. Check it out.

New goals

The Seductress, Feb 16, 09 3:45 PM.
Hello Ladies. Just to update you all on what is going on, Fury and I have returned from our time away. Fury is now on the quest for 50. I will be running her with The Seductress to assist in that aim. Also  we are working on a new generator, The cost for generator is 1,000,000 prestige. If anyone is available for Strike Forces please let me know. I am hoping to  form some Villain Gorup nights if possible so please keep me posted on your schedules. 
 We have gotten rid of the inspiration storage since no one uses it. The bin adds to our base rent. If there is a call for the item please post are respond and either myself or Juwanna will reinstall it. Fury has donated an Arachnos Flyer she found laying around the house for us to play with.
 We may create more enhancement bins if people are storing things there. If there is an enhancement in the bin please be respectful to it's owner and leave it there. A second storage unit will be created to dump unwanted enhancements in. The bin will be marked with a banner and will be free game.

We hope to see you on and get some events running. In the mean time be safe in these turbulent times.


The Seductress, Nov 6, 08 1:52 PM.
Hello again,
Just wanted to let you all know Fury and I will be out of action until December. Happy holidays all.


The Seductress, Jun 14, 08 12:55 AM.
At this time it seems as though we are a go to increase the base size. I will be working with our ladies to set up a once a month prestige grind session. Please take a moment to cast you vote on the new coalition.


539397905_Inactive, Dec 28, 07 12:15 PM.
In the past we have not had the ability to do the various strike forces on the Villain side of things. I know alot of people have mentioned them so get ready to see some scheduled in this up and coming year.
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