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Gruul's 4/16
Apr 16, 08 10:19 PM
Kara Group A (3/25-3/26)
Mar 27, 08 2:25 AM
Kara 2/29/08
Mar 1, 08 1:01 AM
Kara 2/23/08
Feb 24, 08 1:14 AM
Kara 2/22/08
Feb 22, 08 11:07 PM

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Gruul's 4/16

539493472_Inactive, Apr 16, 08 10:19 PM.
Ok so this is just lil Taha giving a quick report.  We finally got a taste of a 25 man raid.  Even though we didn't down him we all got that taste which is a step forward at least.  Now that we all have seen it, we might do loads better next time.  These next statements are my personal views, not to be taken as harsh or anything just my ideas being put out in air... But I think we need to look a lil harder at how we are performing I know that sometimes our spells just get resisted but I felt it went a lil sloppy and would just like to hear a little bit from the other ppl in the guild so please Comment on this and how it went. If you saw something going wrong comment on it, if you saw something go right comment on it,  because that is the way we all learn, grow, and progress as a group. Other wise good job everyone and Thank you very much for being there, and to the Leaders for putting this all together (agreeing with rust in the forums, check it out)

much <3 from your youngster Taha ^_^

Oh and post some pic's if ya'll got em!

Kara Group A (3/25-3/26)

539493472_Inactive, Mar 27, 08 2:25 AM.
Okay, so the first few bosses we got down nicely but after Nightbane it really showed that the groups need a little bit more tweaking to get them at an even amount of dps.  Heals are good and so is tanking, but we really can't have just a mage for AoE on illhoof (Esar i missed you on that fight ^_^).  We will get too see how group B gets along, but over all a good learning experience, and congratulations to all who got drops and to GB as well. The only thing I would like to say, is asking people to pay a little more attention to what they are doing on boss fights, gets annoying to repeatedly have to heal someone out of something, like blizzard, or charred earth
(thats just my personal note).
  Keep up the good work Exiled, we all know we can rock Kara with our geared group now its time for the new people/alts to get geared up aswell.

<3 Group A - Taha ^_^

Kara 2/29/08

539493472_Inactive, Mar 1, 08 1:01 AM.
Grats to DPS tonight, drops were definitely for you, (grats Esar, Var, TM, and Kralos) and one drop for our lovely tank Ohsaka! Thanks for all who came and put up with terrible infernals, we all know prince is easy if you take away his dang inferanls, but thanks all for putting up with the terrible drops of them, till we finally murdered him ^_^. "Well we are getting so good its making me sick" and we are just pwning Kara now ^_^


<3 Your Friendly Tree ^_^

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