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A bright dawn.
Dec 26, 07 5:36 AM
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The Church of the Dark Mind.
One year ago on the eve of the Midsummer's Fire Festival, a small band of nomadic Horde led by the Tauran Malix found themselves beset in all directions by their enemies in the most hostile region of Azeroth.

As fate would have it, they stumbled upon an ancient abandonded church while seeking an escape route, it's statuary too crumbled and defaced to determine what faith it once housed. They laid low in it's walls for a time, to heal and regroup. Malix, ever the inspiring leader, dubbed them with religious titles in an effort to make light of the grim situation.

The acolytes, deacons, bishops and Pope of the Church were named on this night, not knowing the weight their titles would soon carry. Over time, the derelict building became a meeting place to them, then a refuge, and finally a home.

The line between sarcasm and status became thinner and thinner as the "congregation's" members referred to themselves and each other more and more often by their pious, church-themed titles. Malix soon acted on the subtle shift, formally naming the hodge-podge rapidly-growing group 'The Church of the Dark Mind'. In mere months the faithful of the Church outgrew the confines of the dilapidated building.

Travelling to the southermost potion of Silverpine and past the Great Wall into the Gilneas, the congregation constructed a new church with stone and wood from buildings long since left to moulder. In gold and ironwood and granite, the new Cathedral of Stone rose into the Azerothian sky in defiance of all around it.

The remote bastion was not to last, however. Disillusioned and vindictive, excommunicated members of the Church betrayed their former family. Humans now possessing knowledge of the secret location stormed the stronghold, razing it to the ground. The mouldering remains give rise to black columns of smoke which replaced the Church's stone pillars like a macabre shadow. Banners bearing the crest of the Church, an austere golden cross on a burgundy field, were reduced to salt and ash. Slowly, the surviving members of the Church took the long, bitter path back to horde-friendly territory and took up roost in Tiragarde Keep, the tattered remains of the ancient castle becoming their adopted home.

After a second betrayal, Malix and his officers retreated to a location further inland, even more horde-friendly. To this day, Kargathia Keep, the mighty stone structure in eastern Ashenvale, houses their gatherings, their rituals, their lore.

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A bright dawn.

539401282_Inactive, Dec 26, 07 5:36 AM.
Guild site founded on this day.
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