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Adults only
Guild Portal Page Updates.
Dec 31, 07 9:26 AM
New Server Status Forum
Dec 30, 07 8:55 AM
Dec 28, 07 5:34 AM
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Welcome to the Adults Only site.   Feel free to look around..if you would like access you need but join.  IF you are thinking about joining the server in the Forums area you will find instructions on how to set up your system to get on the private server and all the direction you will need to play.  :)

Devarra Banished Blood Elf Queen.

However know now that this is just that and Adult Only group.  Topics and Discussions you may find in here are of an Adult Theme and may contain things you dont want to see.  If this is the case dont join us. 
This is for a private server that is specifically modded with an Adult theme in mind...foul language and sex talk will not be uncommon in here.  But you will also find some amazing role-players.  This is where they can set up to meet up on the server for interactions of their choosing. 
So again name is Belisaria (Katt) and I am the Web Mistress for this site  (not the server though)  Any questions you may have please direct them to me anytime I check this often so you can expect a quick reply.  Or e-mail me at

Other Guild News

Guild Portal Page Updates.

539291158_Inactive, Dec 31, 07 9:26 AM.
12-31-2007    Edited mouse over txt on main splash page Blood Elf Pic.  
                    Minor Editing done to main Splash page txt.
                    Changed pic gallery to slideshow 
                    Added several new Gallery pics.

New Server Status Forum

539403293_Inactive, Dec 30, 07 8:55 AM.
Please look there first.


539291158_Inactive, Dec 28, 07 5:34 AM.

Guild Portal site is online now and we should start inviting all members to join.  Any pics wanted to be posted to the gallery send to me and I will put them right up.

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