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19th Imperial
Website Goes Live
Dec 28, 07 8:28 PM
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Welcome to the 19th Immperial's holosite. The 19th Imperial's mission is to root out and eliminate the rebellion alliance as well as to ensure galactic stability. The unit is a new and experimental concept which was conceived after many studies into the rebellion conducted by the inquisition. As part of our mandate we have been given the ability to hand select our ranks from any imperial post in the galaxy, this achieves the effect of having the most elite force where its needed and also to ensure that when in combat our forces will be able to fight by experience and training. Experience and training are a deadly combination which has lead the unit through early concept trials and into operations. Currently the unit focuses its operations on the planet of Tatooine, rooting out smugglers working for the rebellion and to bring much needed order to the planet. In conclusion, it is our sincere hope that you will explore this holosite and consider a future without the rebellion.

Website Goes Live

539405642_Inactive, Dec 28, 07 8:28 PM.
The 19th Imperial's Holosite went live on the holonet earlier today and will soon be updated to include a wide variety of information for guild members and imperial citizens. It is intended to be used as a trooper database, operational planning , and regulation home. The 19th holosite command staff encourage all to explore the realms and see the true might of imperial power displayed within the 19th ranks. The homepage will be used as a primary informational directory with links to more in depth sub categories such as the news feed and the informational sub category. Upcoming operations are also listed in this area. This will also include a data communication sub channel in the state of a forums section, this will include recruitment information, branch information etc. The census will be codenamed "voting" and will be used to monitor approval ratings for the empire etc. This is followed by the operational calender which will show you based on your clearance what special events other than standard patrols will occur on the given date. Next to that will be a roster which will show the current staffing for the unit. Followed by the bank which will act as a virtual inventory documenting all supplies etc. Thats followed by chat which allows you to question an online member regarding a topic. Finally is the mail section which will allow access to communication within the guild as well as between members, certain forms will be sent this way. While the site is not yet fully functional work is being put into getting up to snuff on this site and working towards the units objectives.
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