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COE has Raid Call.
Sep 1, 11 6:46 PM
CoE Ventrilo Server
Sep 19, 10 9:06 PM
CoE co-founds Minas Tirith Alliance
May 8, 10 9:53 AM
New Allies
Apr 30, 10 11:14 PM
CoE Disbands Tribe
Apr 22, 10 8:00 AM
Welcome to the Council of Elders!

The Council of Elders is a LotRo kinship based on Meneldor server. Our membership is made up of mature members dedicated to easy-going gaming, and lending a hand to kinsmen. We are recruiting all levels in order to maintain a well-rounded group. Our emphasis is on casual gaming and fellowship. We are in an alliance with several other like-minded kinships, and have linked websites and calendars to faciliate the sharing of events and good times.

Current CoE kinsmen: please create a login and associate it with Council of Elders, and the admin will get notification that you need access to the forums. Please be sure to give your character name on the application in order expedite your membership on the site.

Allies: if you are in an allied kinship and are looking for Associate status in order to interact on our forums, please state that in your membership application instead of answering the standard questions. Welcome!!

Non-members: Welcome to you, as well! Please check our public forums for basic information on this kinship, including our rules. If you need more information before you request membership, feel free to send a PM to Cayland. If you are being sponsored by a current member, please don't forget to mention it. You should also approach one of our officers in game: Lenel, Maladen, Belnor or Laylawen can usually be found in game any time. If the guildportal application is your first approach to us, please give us a name that we can contact in game for a brief interview. Signing up for this site does not consititute an application to the kinship itself: we need to speak with you in game.

Additional information found at:

Looking for our forums? See the Site Pages menu at the left, and click on "Forums".  Please note that most of our forums are not visible to non-members.
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COE has Raid Call.

Hasco, Sep 1, 11 6:46 PM.
Send in game tell or review Forums

CoE Ventrilo Server

Leithien, Sep 19, 10 9:06 PM.
Council of Elders now has a Ventrilo server for Kin use. Please see our Members' Forum for more information.

CoE co-founds Minas Tirith Alliance

Seremond, May 8, 10 9:53 AM.
Council of Elders has co-founded an alliance of mid-sized kinships, called the Minas Tirith Alliance. More information on this, and our new alliance chat channel, can be found on our members' forums.

Kinships interested in joining the alliance are welcome to contact Seremond to discuss it.

CoE hopes this move will give more resources to our kin and allow our kinships to grow and support each other as the game expands in the future. Our personal thanks go out to our four allies for working on this with us.

New Allies

Seremond, Apr 30, 10 11:14 PM.
Council of Elders is now allied with Oakenshield Defenders and Legion of Honor.

More information can be found on our forums.

CoE Disbands Tribe

Seremond, Apr 22, 10 8:00 AM.
Council of Sauron, the CoE creep tribe, is disbanding. Please contact a CoE officer about other tribes or creep play in general. We're still over there, just not under a CoS banner!
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