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Welcome, everyone, to the home of the Fallout raiding guild on the Thorium Brotherhood server. We are a relatively new guild but already full of active, helpful members whose goals span from game progression, to role play, to simply making friends with whom to enjoy the game. Should you desire to join our ranks, simply place an application on the forums or contact Touma or Alir in game. Thank you, and best wishes.
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First Kara Raid - Aran Down!

539413412_Inactive, Jan 12, 08 11:14 PM.
After a fantastic first night of Karazhan where we downed Attumen, Moroes, Opera, and Maiden, it was followed up with another fantastic night of good coordination and raiding.

Cebbu, Pthalo, Charmeine, Tyro, Deltan, Touma, Liluu, Ellihana, Odensword, and Abdiel (Replaced by Cinos on the last attempt at Aran) lead the charge into Karazhan tonight and cleared to The Curator in 33 minutes, making the first attempt shortly after. The first attempt went very well, with a minor mistake costing the raid a 1-shot, but we rallied back together and in the second attempt, showed Curator who was who in this fight.

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After that, we made our march up to Aran's room. We took some time to get there, but ended up stepping into the room and giving it our first shot. The first attempt was a 34% wipe. Not to be discouraged we went right back at him, and gave him another go around, this time getting him to 24% before some bad luck happened to knock out our healers. Fine, we decided we wanted to go play a game of Chess, and smacked Medivh around after he cheated to kill our king in the first game. He decided that cheating wasn't such a good idea and we took him down in Chess like it was nothing. Our faith unwavering, we moved back to Aran, and opened that door and stepped in to say "Hey bastage, you're going DOWN!" and with that, we made our 3rd, and final attempt of the night. It took a bit of effort, some popping of health potions, healthstones, mana potions, and scraping the bottom of the barrel for every last ability we had, but in the end, Ellihana, Liluu, Touma, and Deltan were still standing, victorious over Aran's corpse. Ressurections were handed out, and loot was distributed. Overall, the second night of Karazhan proved to be a marvelous night of attempts on Aran, and everyone had fun.

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Tomorrow will prove to be the real test as we take on Illhoof, Netherspite, and make attempts on the Prince himself. Congrats to everyone who got loot, and congrats again to those who were there! Let's show this server what we're really made of and do this....

Fallout Style. (Added in with Diablos Azul of course. ^_^ )

Your fearless leader,

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