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Death Knights Republic
Guild Tabard
Dec 30, 07 7:36 PM
Web Site Live on GuildPortal!
Dec 30, 07 2:06 PM
Welcome to Death Knights Republic We are a guild devoted to leveling to 70 for Kara runs and eventually the Black Temple. The Leaders of this guild are Wintermaul and Undeadsummun on Bleeding Hollow. Please contact one of us for more information and if you already belong to the guild register with this site and you will be promoted to acolyte as initiatian thank you for your time and help making this  guild succesful and you will benefit form it in the end
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Guild Tabard

539409041_Inactive, Dec 30, 07 7:36 PM.
we now have a guild tabard on december 30 2007 aproxamittly 6-7p.m were saving up for a guild bank so send me or the other guy money and to let you know i wintermaul am the real creator of this website and guild undeadsummun is just a figure head and yeah we need a guild bank and were about half way there thanks for your cooperation

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

539409041_Inactive, Dec 30, 07 2:06 PM.
We are a new guild so give us some time to get settled but thank you and keep on working for them levels
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