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A Fresh Start!
Jan 1, 08 9:22 AM
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Well, it's about time we all got out of that place...

Welcome to the Shanty Town, where you'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villiany in all of Azeroth, I am pleased to announce.

((Welcome to the Stockade Convicts guild web page!  Started once before, and started once again!  We're looking to cause some meyham and mischief for the Alliance, and hopefully earn a few gold in the process!

We're an RP guild who are looking to have a bit of fun, and welcome you to join in.  All that we ask is that you help foster RP within the community, and that even while our characters are all bad guys, we, the players, still need to behave and be the good guys.  Be respectful, courteous, and kind to other players while you're trying to steal that coin purse off of them!

If you're looking to join, leave an IC message on the Bulliten Board in the forums, or contact me (Chaistina Alliance side, or Dokarg Horde side), and we'll see what can't be done!  For further information, check out the sticky in the Hookah Lounge in our forums!

Thanks for stopping by our Shanty Town!))
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