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Domini, plural of dominus m. [master of a house , lord, master]. Transf., [a master, owner, possessor; employer; ruler, lord, controller].

Artificium -i n., adj. [of an occupation , craft, or art]; also [of a theory, system of an art]; concr., [work of art]; in gen., [with cleverness, skill, or cunning].

Domini Artificium now grows out of the desires of a single old woman who chooses to live her life out in game rather than in the real world and as a result has more plat and status to deposit into the guild escrow account than any single person on the server. Naturally this makes her most deserving, nay entitled to be the sole leader, tyrant despite the time, plat and status her former co-leaders and fellow guild members may have donated.  The new order of DA is to run the guild with an iron grip on all subordinates and bend them to her will in order to keep the Harvest Supply Depot fully stocked.  They shall not use harvest hireling bots (because we don't need them) but to harvest raws using what precious game time each member can spare from their real lives of friends, jobs, young children and spouses.  The members of Domini Artificium must share the same values, ideals, goals, and mannerisms that the Delusional Old Bat espouses and may at times actually model.


The guild has an Empress now, yay?

effigy3, Apr 21, 10 2:43 PM.

What went down: For weeks Pathetica pressured me to demote Fyrefly from being a guild leader citing as his most heinous offense; selling raw harvests on the broker when the expansion first launched. His second most heinous offense; that he “wasn't even helping his sister” level.  I refused to demote him on such ridiculous grounds. 

One day, without explanation, discussion, or even notice after the fact, Pat sold back the guilds hunter and gatherer hirelings. When I noticed they were gone I asked her why she had done that. Her response was that, "we obviously don't need them when we have guildies selling raws."  Notice that she kept the miner hireling in order to keep herself supplied with T1 loam for tinkering. Obviously she felt that guild amenities were there solely for her benefit, other members and leaders opinions be damned.  

So I talked with Fyrefly and a few guild members and I decided to repurchase them. The precedent had been set that she sought no conversation when making changes to amenities so I didn't mention it to her. It only took a couple days for her to notice the change. What did she do when she found out? She demoted both Fyrefly (who had no hand in this particular situation) and myself leaving her with sole control over everything in the guild and the guild hall. I asked her to restore our rank. She declined stating, “It's not like you weren't going to do that to me [first].”  

Although conversations of that nature had occurred they were quickly dismissed as that was not the way things were done in DA. Oh how wrong we were! Pat underhandedly stole an entire guild for herself. This action flies in the face of a 5 year long standing model of doing business. The guild had always had 3 leaders which discussed any major changes then reached a consensus. When consensus could not be reached, a majority vote of 2 out of 3 determined the action taken. It was fair and balanced.

The result: After careful thought over the course of the next day I decided that I could not remain in a guild that was lead by a person who takes such dishonest and outright criminal actions against her co-leaders. She has also been speaking out in server wide chat channels in a slanderous and degrading fashion about myself and our new guild.  Again, not the actions of someone I would want to be in a guild with.  Lastly there have been some unfounded and false accusations leveled against me. If anyone would like to ask me directly about them I am more than happy to tell you the truth.

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